An organism can not live in isolation. It requirements other organisms, nutrient from that environment, and so on, to survive.

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So, nature has listed functional units in which different organisms the a given area deserve to live and interact amongst themselves and with your surroundings.

An ecosystem is a useful unit consists of every the living beings of one area and also the non-living materials of their environment, communicating to type a steady system.

There are different kinds the ecosystems. They deserve to be organic ecosystems such together deserts, grasslands, forests and also lakes, or artificial ecosystems such as gardens, aquariums and crop fields. An ecosystem may be as small as an aquarium or as big as one ocean.

A pond is an instance of one aquatic ecosystem. Every the algae, plants, insects, microorganisms and fish in the pond, and also the water and soil the the pond are component of this ecosystem.

The biology of the pond get every little thing they require from the pond itself. And they help to keep its water and also soil in good condition, replenishing the nutrient they take it from them. This makes the ecosystem self-sustaining.


Now let united state look at the ecosystem of a garden. In a garden you will find different plants and animals such as bees, butterflies, earthworms, frogs and birds. They depend on each other and on the non-living things favor the soil, air and water.

For example, the earthworm gets nutrition indigenous the soil. In turn, they store the floor fertile. For this reason do particular kinds of bacteria living in the soil. Birds, bees and butterflies gain food native the tree in the garden. They help to store the ecosystem functioning by help in the pollination that the plants.

Stability in Ecosystems:

All ecosystems room stable systems. This means that they maintain a herbal balance. One ecosystem requires the operation of nutrients and also energy (in the form of food). If the organisms having in one ecosystem usage up nutrients, like nitrogen, from their environment, without replenishing them, quickly the device will collapse.

However, a balance is maintained in between the access and usage of nutrient by recycling them through natural processes. You currently know exactly how things choose nitrogen and also carbon are recycled in nature. A balance is additionally required to carry out different quantities of energy (from food) needed by various organisms.

As we shall see, the numbers of different organisms in an ecosystem are well balanced in together a way that each organism gets the required amount the food. Because that example, in a woodland ecosystem, the numbers of the prey (like rabbits) space always more than the numbers of the predator (like foxes), come ensure sufficient food for the predator.

Structure of an Ecosystem:

An ecosystem is composed of 2 components-the abiotic component the biotic ingredient (living component).


Abiotic component:

The abiotic, or nonliving, component is composed of the physical environment, nutrients and climatic factors.


The physics environment consists of soil, water and also air. Not natural substances such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, water, phosphorus, sulphur, sodium, potassium and calcium constitute nutrients. Things favor sunlight, rainfall, temperature, humidity and also atmospheric press constitute the climatic factors.


Biotic component:

The biotic, or living, ingredient of an ecosystem deserve to be classified on the basis of how the organisms gain their food, i.e., even if it is they are producers, consumer or decomposers.


Producers organisms which do their own food are called producers:

They are additionally called autotrophs. (In Greek, autos = self, trophe = nutrition.) All environment-friendly plants and certain blue-green algae act together food producer in ecosystems.

Consumers biology that count on other organisms for food are dubbed consumers or Heterotrophs:

(In Greek, heteros = other.) All animals which eat tree or other animals are consumers. Bacteria and fungi that depend on dead plants and animals because that food are additionally in a way consumers.


Consumers deserve to be classified as herbivores, carnivores and also omnivores. Herbivores eat only plants and also plant products. Cows, deer and also rabbits space herbivores. Carnivores eat just the meat of various other animals. Tigers, snakes and hawks are carnivores. Omnivores eat plants as well as the meat of various other animals. Man and also crow are examples of omnivores.

Sometimes that is helpful to divide the consumer in an ecosystem ~ above the basis of ‘who eats whom’. Major consumers room those that feed directly on the producer (plants). In various other words, herbivores are major consumers. Carnivores who feed ~ above plant-eating animals (herbivores) are second consumers.

For example, a grasshopper the feeds on tree is a main consumer, and the frog the eats the grasshopper is a secondary consumer. The frog might be consumed by a larger carnivore prefer a snake. A carnivore that feeds on smaller sized carnivores is referred to as a tertiary consumer. This customer may be eaten by the biggest carnivore, or the height carnivore, that the ecosystem.

The peak carnivore is no killed and eaten by other pets of the ecosystem. The optimal carnivore belongs to a greater order that consumers. Because that example, a hawk might be the peak carnivore of one ecosystem. Other examples of top carnivores room tigers and lions. (Primary, secondary and tertiary consumer are also called consumers of the first, 2nd and 3rd order respectively.)


Decomposers organisms which feed on dead plants and also animals are called decomposers:

Decomposers are likewise called saprotrophs or saprophytes (in Greek, sapros = rotten). They encompass bacteria, fungi and also worms. Decomposers break down (decompose) the compounds existing in dead plants and animals into less complicated substances and obtain nutrition native them.

The substances created in decomposition space released into the soil and also the atmosphere. Thus, decomposers play crucial role in the recycling of materials, replenishment of the soil’s nutrients, etc. They also clean up our surroundings by decomposing dead organisms and wastes indigenous animals and also plants.

Take a huge glass bowl or jar and also put some soil and also aquatic plants in it. To fill three-fourths of the bowl with water and place it close to a home window through which sunshine comes in. Placed some fish in the bowl. Friend will must put part fish food in the bowl from time to time. The oxygen essential by the fish will certainly be liberated by the aquatic plants with photosynthesis.

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After a couple of days the water in your aquarium will come to be dirty. This is because of the waste produced by the fish and the plants. We do not must clean herbal aquatic ecosystems like ponds and also lakes. In these, wastes space consumed by decomposers.