The law of conservation of mass claims that the amount of the massof the reagents need to be equal to the sum of the massive of theproducts.

In another method we have the right to say the before and after the reactionthere should be the same variety of atoms (moles) of every element.

In a burning candle you have the complying with reaction

CxHy + a*O2 --> b*CO2 + c*H2O

>Where "CxHy" method the pointer of the candle that burns i m sorry isgenerally make of a polymer. >a,b and also c room numbers you usage tomultiply each part so the in the finish you have actually the very same number ofeach aspect on either next of the equation.

So in the end, the variety of atoms and also the atoms themselvesremain equal, they only readjusted positions. Since the mass of eachatom doesn"t change, then amount of the masses doesn"t adjust too.

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