Hello everyone, give thanks to you for avoiding by here. Today, i will display you how to reset the oil life percent gauge light on your 2008-2015 Chevy Malibu. It’ll likewise work with several various other Chevy models with around the same setup.

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Again always check the owner’s manual to make sure that you’re doing the exactly steps. Due to the fact that they execute vary the owner manual, for this auto doesn’t provide you the best directions, for this reason this is exactly how you do it.

Find the OIL LIFE RESET by pressing the INFO button repeatedlyPress and hold the ⏎ switch until the ACKNOWLEDGED displayedAt this point, you understand you’ve got it done. Simply to double-check it just turn the key off and then begin the automobile to confirm that oil life is reset

2013-2015 Malibu

Time needed: 7 minutes.If you adjust your own oil or someone transforms it work for you and didn’t reset the oil life system, you should reset it by yourself. It was pretty basic to do, basically, you just need to usage the switch on the revolve signal lever. So this is exactly how you carry out it:
Get in the car and also turn it on without beginning the engineIf your car has an ignition button, press and holds the Start/Stop button with her foot off the brake pedalPress the MENU button repeatedly until you check out the auto INFORMATION food selection on the displayThe button is situated on the rotate signal lever

Different oils have actually different readjust schedules (i.e. Consistent v.s. Synthetic) does the % oil life indicator account for that truth ?

No, the systems carry out not know what form of oil you placed in, however, the manufacturer recommended oil is what they calibrate the oil life screen to. Because that example, the Chevy Corvette specs Mobil 1 synthetic, the monitor is calibrated for that oil.

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