The countdown has begun . . . Her teenager is quickly to obtain the last Sacrament of Christian initiation into the Catholic Church: the Sacrament of Confirmation. This is the next large step of their spiritual journey you began for lock at their their baptism. Her teenager will certainly undergo the Rite of Confirmation and also renew because that themselves your baptismal promises. They will receive in complete the note of the holy Spirit, symbolized by the chrism oil on their foreheads, just as they very first did with holy Water at their baptism.

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What an exciting time, and also of course, a very busy one too! Luckily detect the ideal Confirmation gifts for your teenager isn"t difficult. There are many great Confirmation presents to choose from, everything from Confirmation jewel to Confirmation wall surface crosses. The isn"t the hard component . . . What is hard is do the efforts to figure out just how to communicate to her teenager the prestige of this Sacrament so they will better appreciate and treasure this Confirmation gifts!

How perform you spiritually prepare a teenager because that this important Rite? Catechesis was undoubtedly much less complicated when they were younger. They to be eager, excited, and there were lots of fun activities accessible to teach them an ext about their faith. Currently that they"re older, having discovered what gift "cool" is, obtaining them interested in their belief is probably an ext like pulling teeth.

So what have the right to you do? first of all, know that you space the most important duty model in your child"s life. The best method to encourage your teen to deepen their confidence is to deepen your own belief first. Also if the doesn"t seem favor they"re paying much attention, understand that they space taking their cues native you. The life that the soul that radiates native you will (with prayer) rub off on your children eventually, and also maybe in methods you least expect.

Before offering concepts on just how to spiritually prepare her teenager because that the Sacrament the Confirmation, it would certainly be advantageous to read the native of the Rite the the monk or bishop will pray over her child:

All-powerful God, dad of our mr Jesus Christ by water and also the holy Spirit, girlfriend freed your sons and daughters from sin and gave them brand-new life. Send your holy Spirit top top them come be their helper and also guide. Offer them the soul of wisdom and also understanding, the soul of right judgment and courage, the spirit of knowledge and also reverence. To fill them v the spirit of wonder and also awe in your presence. Us ask this with Christ our Lord.

Beautiful, right? there is nothing more you desire for your boy than for them to it is in guided v life through the divine Spirit, and also for them come be aided by him to make wise choices. Here are part tips on just how to aid your child recognize the moving of the divine Spirit in your lives, and also to evaluate the Sacrament of confirmation they are around to receive.

First: It"s All about Conversation

Resist the advice to go v the motions and also shuffle your teenager through the Sacrament through the herd of various other parents and children law the same thing. Don"t rely exclusively on spiritual educators to impart to your boy the prominence of receiving the Sacrament that Confirmation; speak to them.

Ask her child around their faith, their partnership with Jesus, and with the Catholic Church. Ask lock why they desire to be confirmed and also what participating in this Rite method to them. Talk about the Sacraments and also the spirituality nourishment they get through them. What go your kid think it means to be Catholic? To it is in a boy of God? To it is in a saint?

Having grown-up spiritual conversations v your teenager will produce a brand-new norm in her relationship, and don"t be surprised if you acquire a small closer in the process! try not come let feel of inadequacy or spiritual ineptitude keep you from having these vital talks with your child, and don"t it is in discouraged if their eyes glaze over once you strike up this conversations. The purpose is come awaken your teenager to these type of "big picture" belief questions, and to display them that they deserve to feel comfortable talking v you around the struggles with belief they will certainly inevitably endure in life.

Second: aid Your teen With spiritual Discernment

Your child has actually a distinct personality v special gifts and also talents. Tell her teenager exactly how special they are, and aid them to uncover what they"re an excellent at and also what lock love doing. Together their parent, you have actually special understanding into this. You"ve watched your child"s personality and also talents emerge and you understand what renders them distinctive from other kids. Questioning the divine Spirit to aid you speak to your child around their uniqueness. By act this girlfriend will aid your teenager come discern your vocation—what that is that God is calling castle to perform with their life.

If you help your child to discern what they were born for and also what special presents they can provide to Christ in the business of others, this will aid them to know who castle are—a kid of God with a distinct mission in this world. Helping your teenager come spiritually discern also includes encouraging lock to start praying about their gifts and also the vocation God is calling lock to. A an excellent way to carry out this is through devotions and also novenas to Catholic saints, particularly the check saint they have actually chosen and also any others they feel drawn to.

When your teen receives the Sacrament that Confirmation, as the priest or bishop calls under the strength of the holy Spirit ~ above them, you are helping your boy to do this Sacrament a truly an individual experience. Lock will recognize that God is calling lock personally come this moment of fullness that communion v Christ and His Church.

Third: carry in the Backup

There is so much beauty and also depth to the Sacraments that you don"t want to miss out on covering anything through your teenager together you prepare them. Encourage your teenager to read around the Sacraments for themselves therefore they (and you!) completely understand the Rite of check they are about to receive. The YouCat (Youth Catechism the the Catholic Church) and also other Catholic Catechism books are a an excellent resource for this. Have actually your teenager use a Catholic Catechism come retrace their route through the Sacraments for this reason far—from Baptism, Reconciliation, an initial Communion, and also now come Confirmation—so they understand the graces obtained in each. Talk v them around the future Sacraments in the kind of vocations that they have actually the selection to get involved in, divine Matrimony or divine Orders.

There are plenty of other an excellent Catholic publications for teens that explain the Christian life and the Catholic faith. This Catholic books for adolescents are a good help and have a way of phrasing points in just the right way to help things click because that young budding minds. Having the right Catholic publications in your residence as back-up references and also resources is absolutely important, and your teens will find out from them because that years come come—so pray about which Catholic books to select that will be simply right because that them.

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With these tips you can begin now to prepare her teenager because that this final Sacrament that Christian initiation right into the Catholic Church. These last years prior to your teens leaves residence are really precious and important times, and you know all also well exactly how they will certainly fly by. While they"re still v you every day, produce fertile soil in her home and in your relationship with castle so the they will certainly deepen their roots in the Catholic faith. If you"ve had a great spiritual conversation with your teenager about the Sacraments, or any kind of other faith topic, please article below so our readers will be encouraged to carry out the same.