World battle II touched virtually every component of American life, also things so simple as the food human being ate, the movies they watched, and also the music lock listened to.

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World war II touched essentially every part of American life, even things so straightforward as the food people ate, the movies they watched, and also the music they listened to. The war, particularly the initiative of the Allies to success it, to be the topic of songs, movies, comic books, novels, artwork, comedy routines—every conceivable type of entertainment and culture. Moreover, in many cases these works and their creators were actually component of the war effort. Writers, illustrators, cartoonists, filmmakers, and also other artists provided their an abilities to store the public informed around the war and also persuade people to cooperate v the government’s residence Front programs—like scrap drives and also rationing. In short, World war II and the popular society of the era are interconnected; the story of one can not be fully told there is no the story the the other.


Poster declaring Warner Brothers’ Confessions that a Nazi Spy, 1939. (Image: Courtesy the Warner Brothers, Inc.)

The possibility of another world war started creeping into the American creativity even prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Authors man Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway and playwright Maxwell Anderson each wrote fictional portrayals of wartorn Europe, if Hollywood turned the end movies around risky trips throughout the submarine-infested Atlantic, daring attempts come rescue love ones indigenous Nazi concentration camps, and nefarious spy rings lurking best under America’s nose. These story reflected the growing anxiety in America about the war and how the might influence their lives. In 1939, for example, Warner Brothers released the movie Confessions the a Nazi Spy based on actual FBI investigations right into German espionage in the united States. Some world worried the the movie was also political and also risked damaging the fragile neutrality the the United claims in Europe. Rather praised the movie as patriotic due to the fact that it assisted alert american to what was thought about a an extremely real danger. “I feel i am offer my country,” lead actor Edward G. Robinson said one interviewer after the film’s premiere. “The risks of Nazism must be gotten rid of for every time.”

After Pearl Harbor, war themes exploded right into virtually every imaginative medium and form of entertainment. Movies choose Saboteur, Sahara, and Casablanca captured the wartime drama challenged by servicemembers and also civilians alike. Song lyrics regularly referred to the conflict, highlighting the ups and downs the both the battlefield and also the Home Front. Some songs were upbeat, witty, and also fun to dance to, like “Boogie Woogie Bugle boy of firm B” by the andrews Sisters. Others, like Walter Kent and also Nat Burton’s “The White Cliffs of Dover,” were slower and more solemn, emotional on both the seriousness that the war and the hope that peace would shortly return. Even newspaper comic strips choose up elements of the war in their plots. Longtime favorite personalities like Superman, dick Tracy, little Orphan Annie, and Mickey mouse all faced various facets of the war effort, from raising victory gardens to handling rationing to fighting the Axis strength on the front. A few comics prefer Bill Mauldin’s Willie and also Joe were developed specifically due to the fact that of the war and also offered readers a unique glimpse right into the daily lives of American GIs.

For countless wartime writers, actors, and also artists, this contributions no enough. It to be one thing to produce material around the war, however many that them also wanted to usage their skills to actually help the Allies win. Quickly after Pearl Harbor, several establishments sprang up voluntarily to aid the entertainment market do precisely that. Hollywood’s War activities Committee, because that example, assisted smooth the means for cooperation between the commonwealth government, major film studios, and also thousands of theaters across the unified States. The Hollywood victory Committee organized appearances by stage, screen, television, and radio personalities at events promoting battle bond sales, scrap collection, and military recruitment, plus reflects to boost troop morale. By the end of the war, the organization had put ~ above 7,700 occasions featuring 4,147 stars, 38 film shorts, and 390 broadcasts for battle relief and charity. Writers and also publishers obtained in ~ above the action as well by creating the board of directors on books in Wartime. The organization supported books that would be beneficial “weapons in the battle of ideas” and also arranged sales of an ideal books come libraries and the equipped forces. In 1943, the Council launched its armed Services Edition line of reprints of popular books and ultimately sold over 122 million duplicates to the army at one average price of around six cents apiece.


Actresses Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth offer food come soldiers in ~ the Hollywood Canteen in Hollywood, California.(Image: Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-113250.)

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration recognized the an effective influence that the entertainment industry beforehand on and also looked for methods to harness that power to encourage public support for the battle effort. The Office the War info (OWI) to be the main arbiter that this relationship. OWI operated with movie studios, screenwriters, radio stations, newspapers, cartoonists, and also artists across the United states to create films, posters, songs, and radio broadcasts urging everyday Americans come cooperate through the government’s wartime programs and restrictions. Also though much of this work-related was basically propaganda, several of it ended up being highly popular. In 1942, because that example, the battle Department inquiry the Writers’ war Board to come increase with material to help recruit volunteers for the military Air Forces beyond just pilots. The Board’s an innovative artists responded v 52 nonfiction articles, 12 fictional stories, a novel, and also even a song referred to as “I Wanna marry a Bombardier.” The result surge the bombardier recruits was so large the war Department ultimately had to ask the Writer’s battle Board come suspend your campaign.

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By the moment victory was claimed in 1945, a whole brand-new world that war-related sights and also sounds had become component of America’s renowned culture, part intended purely for entertainment, others as propaganda. Numerous of the more iconic signs of this era—like Rosie the Riveter, for example—are still v us today. World War II proceeds to accumulate artists, filmmakers, and writers, who have used the history and society of the wartime era as the communication for few of the many highly-acclaimed films, books, and also even video clip games of our time.

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