About Tammy valve Zant

By the age of 10 years old, Tammy van Zant had currently felt and also witnessed firsthand the joys and the tragedies of life. The eldest daughter of rock icon, Ronnie van Zant (lead singer the Lynyrd Skynyrd), Tammy felt her strength loss from the skies on a dreary and dark October night in 1977. In one instant, hope seemed to disappear as the call came and also news flashed everywhere of her well known father and also several others who were eliminated in a aircraft crash in a swampy area the rural Mississippi. Years would pass as Tammy continued to try and discover herself... To find some sort of pleasure again. With a mom who had end up being addicted to prescription drugs and also a step mother who for all intents and purposes pretended she didn’t also exist, this little red top girl would flourish up come live life in the rapid lane and also rarely look at back. Little did she know that she was proceeding to run from the past… the pain and also hurt. In the end, just one thing saved her… Her belief in God! She was likewise comforted knowing her grand parents (Sister and also Lacy) would certainly love she no issue what happened! v all the craziness, the poor choices and heartaches, Tammy’s lot wiser and also most importantly grateful these work! After several marriages and also three daughters of her own, plus an ext ups and also downs than one could imagine, Tammy finally pertained to a place where she wanted to share she voice… her heart with music, just like her father once did. Never prior to has she sung top top a document or test a task such together this, but in usual Van Zant fashion, as shortly as she set her psychic to perform it, nothing to be going to avoid her! Producer and co-writer Robert White Johnson comment throughout the procedure that also though Tammy was brand-new to track writing, the came an extremely natural to her simply since she write the truth! Something that her father was so famously noted for. Tammy involved Van Zant family friend, producer, co-writer Robert White Johnson through a an easy but incredible tune idea… “Freebird Child”. He instantly knew the emotional impact and music potential the song could create, having co-written and produced “Brickyard Road” because that Tammy’s uncle, Johnny valve Zant.

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The melody came automatically to Johnson and in addition to fellow songwriter mark Oliverius, the tune was born. Numerous are considering that a contemporary day absent classic! Tammy poured the end her love lyrically as it’s a biographical winter of her own life… the tragedies as well the love she feels every time she thinks of she Dad/rock icon, Ronnie. Ultimately, the tune speaks that eternal hope to everyone… “Live come dream my Freebird Child”!Once “Freebird Child” was finished & produced, Tammy feel even more inspired and also desired come write and share she feelings for her dear sweet Grandmother, Marion (Sister) Van Zant, who had passed ~ above a few years earlier. Tammy nicknamed her affectionately, “Dixie Rose”. She would certainly be the woman who would raise her, love and also encourage she to be solid and that would also share all the wonderful and colorful intimate stories of her renowned son, and also Tammy’s father Ronnie. Then, it was time for one more song, “Surviving top top A Wing and also A Prayer”. Again, this was Tammy’s story since she has lived it’s complete meaning! v her dear friend Janette, they and also producer Robert created one much more song that would round out the project and also that would echo her genuine life’s trials, tribulations and also ultimate faith! For Tammy, this task isn’t about wanting to be famous, but an ext so for a chance to share her heart and feelings that for so countless reasons to be never common until now.

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She has actually one heck of a story to tell and also is in the process of additionally writing a book as necessary titled ”Freebird Child”. Tammy many thanks you every for visiting, because that helping save the music lively all this years! may you live come dream and never be afraid!

Tammy welcomes friend to spend some time to get to know her and also her”Freebird Child” project. Invest some time to listen to some music, check out the YouTube video of “Freebird Child” or some hardly ever or never prior to seen image or also leave her a message!FACEBOOK- Tammy van ZantFACEBOOK - Freebird son Facebook pagePHOTO gallery PAGE