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Born:July 4, 1807NiceFrance...(Show more)Died:June 2, 1882 (aged 74)Caprera IslandItaly...(Show more)Role In:Siege the Rome...(Show more)

Garibaldi combated for Italian unified and virtually single-handedly unified northern and also southern Italy. That led a volunteer army of guerrilla soldiers to capture Lombardy because that Piedmont and later overcame Sicily and also Naples, offering southern Italy to King Victor Emmanuel II of Piedmont, who created the Kingdom of Italy.

Garibaldi combated for Uruguay against Juan Manuel de Rosas, dictator of Argentina, and his heroic win in the battle of Sant’Antonio in 1846 spread his fame come Europe. Later, his dogged, if at some point doomed, defense of Rome against France, complied with by his retreat through central Italy, acquired him acclaim as “hero of 2 worlds.”

Giuseppe Garibaldi, (born July 4, 1807, Nice, French realm —died June 2, 1882, Caprera, Italy), Italian patriot and soldier the the Risorgimento, a republican who, v his occupation of Sicily and also Naples v his guerrilla Redshirts, added to the accomplishment of Italian marriage under the royal home of Savoy.

Early life

Garibaldi’s household was one of anglers and seaside traders, and also for much more than 10 years he himself was a sailor. In 1832 he gained a master’s certificate together a vendor captain. Through 1833–34, when he offered in the navy of the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, he had come under the influence of Giuseppe Mazzini, the great prophet the Italian nationalism, and the French socialist thinker the comte de Saint-Simon. Garibaldi, in 1834, took part in a mutiny intended to provoke a republican revolution in Piedmont, yet the plot failed; he escaped come France and in his lack was condemned to death by a Genoese court.

Exile in southern America

From 1836 to 1848, Garibaldi resided in South America as an exile, and also these years of turmoil and revolution in that continent strongly affected his career. The volunteered together a marine captain because that the Rio Grande carry out Sul republic throughout that little state’s unsuccessful attempt come break complimentary from the Brazilian Empire. Actually, that did little more than food on Brazilian shipping. In the food of frequently harrowing adventures ~ above land and sea, he regulated to elope with Anna Maria Ribeiro da Silva (Anita), a married woman, who continued to be his companion in arms until her death. ~ a sequence of win by the Brazilians in 1839–40, Garibaldi finally determined to leave the service of Rio Grande. Driving a herd of cattle, he made the lengthy trek come Montevideo v Anita and their son. Over there he do the efforts his hand together commercial traveler and teacher yet could no accustom self to civilian life. In 1842 that was put in charge of the Uruguayan marine in an additional war the liberation—this time versus Juan Manuel de Rosas, the dictator the Argentina. The following year, again in the business of Uruguay, Garibaldi took command that a newly formed Italian Legion in ~ Montevideo, the an initial of the Redshirts, with whom his name became so closely associated. After ~ he winner a little but heroic engagement at the battle of Sant’Antonio in 1846, his fame reached even to Europe, and in Italy a knife of honour, paid because that by subscriptions, to be donated to him.

He remained in charge the the defense of Montevideo because that a brief time in 1847, once he an initial came to the fist of Alexandre Dumas père, who later did lot to foster his reputation. Garibaldi additionally greatly impressed other foreign observers as an honest and able man. His south American experiences gave him invaluable cultivate in the methods of guerrilla warfare that he later on used with good effect versus French and also Austrian armies, which had not to be taught how to counter them. These an initial exploits in the reason of freedom cast him in the mold of a experienced rebel, one indomitable individualist who all his life ongoing to undertake the gaucho costume that the pampas and to act together if life to be a perpetual battle for liberty.

War that liberation

In April 1848 Garibaldi led 60 members that his Italian Legion ago to Italy to fight for the Risorgimento, or resurrection, the Italy in the war of independence versus the Austrians. He first offered come fight because that Pope Pius IX, then—when his market was refused—for Charles Albert, the king of Piedmont-Sardinia. The king, too, rebuffed him, because that Garibaldi’s conviction as a rebel in 1834 was still remembered; moreover, the regular army despised the self-taught guerrilla leader. Therefore, Garibaldi checked out the help of the city of Milan, where Mazzini had already arrived and had provided the battle of liberation a more republican and also radical turn. Charles Albert, ~ his loss at the hands of the Austrians at Custoza, agreed come an armistice, yet Garibaldi continued in the surname of Milan what had come to be his private war and emerged creditably from two engagements v the Austrians in ~ Luino and also Morazzone. Yet at the end of August, greatly outnumbered, he had actually to retreat throughout the frontier to Switzerland.

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For a time Garibaldi worked out down in Nice with Anita (whom he had actually married in 1842) and their 3 children, however his deal with to help complimentary Italy native foreign dominance was stronger than ever. The was evidenced in his purpose by his belief—which he and only a handful of others common with Mazzini—that the numerous Italian states, despite often engaged in internecine warfare, can nonetheless it is in unified right into a solitary state. Once Pius IX, intimidated by liberal forces within the Papal States, fled indigenous Rome towards the finish of 1848, Garibaldi led a team of volunteers to that city. There, in February 1849, the was elected a deputy in the roman inn Assembly, and it was he who proposed that Rome should end up being an independent republic. In April a French military arrived to regain papal government, and Garibaldi to be the chief catalyst of a spirited defense that repulsed a French attack on the Janiculum Hill. In might he beat a Neapolitan army outside Rome at Velletri, and also in June he was the leading number in the defense the Rome against a French siege. There was no opportunity at all of holding the city, but the gallantry that the resistance came to be one the the most motivating stories that the Risorgimento. Refusing to accept defeat, Garibaldi led a few thousand guys out that Rome and also through main Italy in July 1849, maneuvering to stop French and also Austrian armies, till he got to the neutral republic of san Marino.