In the old days, telling someone to have a nice day to be a perfectly good way to finish a conversation. Now, “nice” appears old-fashioned, weirdly formal, and also just level insufficient. We’re supplied to listening “have a great day.” Anything much less could nearly be considered a slight.

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Of course, now also “great” doesn’t seem that, well, great. Through the phrase ending up being so mundane, it appears destined come be changed with something much more emphatic at some point.

Where will this insanity end? we don’t know the answer come that, yet we do have actually some concepts on exactly how to great someone a great day without sounding prefer you’re just phoning the in. The complying with sayings range from sweetly sincere come downright goofy, yet all in all, us think they’re quite great.


Just wanted to pop in and wish girlfriend the best Day Ever!

Hope you have actually a shockingly good day. If anyone deserves it, it’s you!Have one extra-special, amazingly fun, undeniably awesome, super fantastic day!Have a great morning and a wonderful day!There’s just one thing I need you to do for me: have a wonderful day!Hope her day is flippin’ awesome!

Have a glorious day and also a blessed week!Wishing the finest day ever before to among the finest people ever!Hope her day is as awesome as you are.May your day be complete of sunshine and laughter.


One means to certain someone has a great day is to leave them laughing. Through that in mind, right here are some humorous well-wishes.

As the pizza stated to the cheese, have a grate day!

I’d wish you the best day ever, but then it would be every downhill native here. So just have actually a good day, okay?Have a great day… or at the very least as an excellent as it deserve to be given that i won’t be around.May her day be relatively asshole-free.Hope her day doesn’t suck!

Have a stupid an excellent day.I’d wish you the ideal day ever, yet you have to work so that’s most likely not going come happen. So… have actually a moderately kind day!Hope you have actually a an excellent day, however if it’s bad, i hope it’s bad in a funny way that you have the right to tell me about later!


Finally, right here are some concepts on exactly how to to speak “have a an excellent day” come a very special someone. For much more ideas along these lines, watch our sweet love messages for her and him.

You room my sunshine. Have a great day!

Have a exorbitant day, and also know that I’ll be thinking about you every second.The best part of mine day is learning I obtain to check out you at the end of it. Have actually a good day, baby!Have a beautiful day, beautiful.Until you’re ago in my loving arms… have a exorbitant day!May her day be as sweet together your smile.

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Just want to repeat you the you’re an remarkable person. Now go have actually yourself an remarkable day!Have a exorbitant day, and also never forget that i love the hell the end of you.Three things: i love you, you’re amazing, and I expect you have the finest day ever!See you later, sweetie. Hope your day is fifty percent as nice as that target of yours.
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