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About a month earlier I did a lotta job-related to mine bike. While an altering the spark plugs i made the failure of pulling one of the wires rather of grabbing the basic of the plug. Well it ripped out. ~ running roughly town and not gift able to find anyone that carried spark plug wires for motorcycles I confirm the dealer...... Holy $$$$ those are expensive (like $50 per wire). I ran throughout a few videos and also learned the end is just a screw. So, ns clipped the end, screwed the plug back on. It acquired me home but ran like crap, i was litterally topped out , complete throttle at 75 mph (lets just say I recognize I might do much faster beforehand). The following day ns did that again,pulled the wire, clipped it and also screwed it back in again and also its running lot better, yet I can still feeling a little bit of strength loss across the entire band, it to be topped out before it should have actually still and also I watch a bit much more fuel consumption. I think maybe its tho a negative connection. I also have 30k miles on the bicycle so i am guessing the wires could use a replace anyways. I have actually been reading up ~ above motorcycle plug wires a lot (I initially thought lock were prefer the plug and play auto wires, obviously no the case and also I can"t find any an excellent guides) I have actually learned numerous go come auto parts dealers and also buy wire by the foot and also make your own. 2003 Honda shadow Spirithere are my questions:1.wires- appears I am in search of 7mm(?) wire. Does thickness matter seems there room a the majority of other options. Is over there anything rather I have to look for in the wire (material type, construction, etc)2. Connectors (spark plug side)- When taking care of electricity I like to recognize I have a solid connection (which may be tied to the current problem, no a pan of the "screw that on and hope the touches" design) are there far better connection choices out there?3. Connectors (coil side)- it appears there is a ..

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Resistor(?) does this must be replaced? just how does that connect? (I i think its a screw type also)? ns havn"t take away apart the coil finish yet for this reason I"m simply going top top assumptionsupdate: I just went outside and clipped the finish of the spark plug cable to redo the connection and also saw the inside the spark plug cable there seems to it is in a bit of environment-friendly corrosion on the cable strands. Therefore am thinking I will need new wires.
2003 Honda Shadow spirit 750-Kuryakyn Hypercharger w/ k&n Filter-Vance & Hines Holeshot (Baffled)-4 level Timing Advance-38T rear Sprocket