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This morning after acquiring my automobile from the human body shop, i noticed i cant open up the driver next door native the external or inside. I own a 2006 Honda public SI coupe.Anyone experience this with there 8th Gen civic coupe? If so, what did you do to acquire the point to open? ns tried come unlock it using the remote and no luck. I will definitely take it back to the shop and have them fix it, however I simply wanted understand if anyone managed to acquire the door open.Any advice?
i just started suffering this on mine LX that is the door actuatorluckily mine driver door has actually a lock ~ above it but the SI doesnt. However, the problem door was the passenger side so ns was screwed.Anyway, possibly they left the actuator unplugged

Unfortunately, no. The is actually much better at the very least he can open the door. I can"t open the door native both sides (inside/outside) and also tried the remote to check out if it would certainly release the hinge. No luck.Either way, ns took it ago in the shop and they to be able to open up the door by taking out the inside door knob assembly and managed to press the hinge mechanism switch that allowed the door to unlock. Took them 4 hours to execute it without really damaging my automobile door. =) It to be a bad actuator, it was cracked and they ended up replacing it v a brand-new one. Thank you men for your aid in this forum.

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I"m still having actually this problem and also have broken door clips trying to acquire into my door. How much is this door lock actuator?
I had actually a similiar problem, closed seat belt up in the door n it would certainly not open. Did the measures to change actuator, remove panel etc. ~ disconnecting whatever from actuator i busted it off its steel mounting bracket the attaches it come door jamb v a screwdriver by hitting on actuator main body downward. The seperated an extremely easily giving me easy accessibility to manually occupational the latch n open up the door. Of food i had actually to replace actuator then