“He-y, come on Ou-t!” an introduction

“He-y, come on Ou-t!” is a 1971 short story by Japanese science fiction writer Shinichi Hoshi.

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After a typhoon, a group of villagers discover an supposedly bottomless hole where an old shrine had stood. One man calls, “He-y, which ou-t!” and also throws a pebble right into the hole.A businessman turns the hole into a handle site, and also nuclear waste, garbage, and also all kinds of unwanted things from the nearby city are thrown in.One job a workman in the now-pristine city hears a voice from above calling, “He-y, which ou-t!” A pebble then falls from the sky.
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In the after-effects of a typhoon, the residents of a little village room surveying the damage that has actually been sustained. A landslide has actually caused an old shrine to be swept away. The villagers conflict how long the shrine has actually existed; nobody have the right to remember when it to be built, and also there is...

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In the results of a typhoon, the occupants of a tiny village room surveying the damage that has been sustained. A landslide has caused an old shrine to be swept away. The villagers conflict how long the shrine has existed; nobody can remember when it to be built, and there is some argument about where specifically it to be located. That is said that the shrine have to be rebuilt immediately. 

While the arguments around the shrine room ongoing, among the villagers notices a hole about a meter wide. The hole appears to it is in enormously deep and also is completely dark inside. One young guy leans into the hole and shouts, "He-y, come on ou-t!" but there is no echo to it is in heard. He climate throws a pebble right into the hole, regardless of the warnings of another man who protests the a curse could result.

Unsure what to do, the villagers construct a fence approximately the hole the end of part trees and also then go back to their village. Some people suggest the they should just rebuild the shrine to cover the feet again, yet they cannot reach any kind of agreement top top the matter. Meanwhile, news the the really deep hole has actually spread, and also the next day a auto arrives from the local newspaper, moving a scientist v it. Concessionaires and policemen additionally turn as much as look in ~ the hole and to prevent those that are just curious from falling in.

A reporter lowers a weight right into the feet on the end of a rope. The rope goes fairly a long way into the hole however eventually runs out, and also the reporter is then unable to pull it ago out the the hole. 

Next, the scientist sends out for an extremely an effective bullhorn v the intentionally of check what kind of echo it makes. However, although the tries every the options on his bullhorn, he is can not to develop an echo, despite transforming the horn up to its highest feasible volume. The is as if the sound is just consumed by the hole.

This leaves the scientist baffled, but, unwilling to betray his confusion, he merely says that the hole should be fill in. A wait concessionaire tells the mayor that he will take ~ above the task of pour it until it is full in the hole. In solution to the mayor"s comment the they need to develop a brand-new shrine over the hole, the concessionaire claims that he will construct a new shrine, v a conference hall attached, and also will position it an ext conveniently close to the village.

The villagers space in donate of this idea, therefore the concessionaire is permitted to start filling the hole. He has the shrine and meeting hall constructed for the villagers and then solicits permission indigenous the federal government to market the hole as a handle opportunity. Nuclear strength plants bid because that the appropriate to dispose of their waste in the hole: the villagers are initially apprehensive about this yet capitulate as soon as it becomes clear that they will certainly be readily available a share in the profits. Over there is also a new road built in between the village and the hole.

Next, other things begin to it is in thrown into the hole, such together classified files from the foreign Ministry, yet there is no sign that the feet is actually being filled. Much more and more things space thrown into the hole, together as animals who have actually been experimented upon with diseases, and rubbish which would certainly otherwise have been thrown into the ocean.

City-dwellers start to think that the hole together a means of gaining rid of things without having actually to think about the results of their actions. The hole can solve all their problems: criminals throw proof into the hole, when the police have the right to use the feet to dispose that counterfeit money. The hole progressively takes away every one of the "filth" from the city, leaving it much more beautiful than it has ever before been before.

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One day, a workman is sitting at the height of a new building which is in the process of gift built. He hears the end of the sky the sound of a voice shouting, "He-y, come on ou-t!" 

Unable to view the resource of the voice, the workman decides the he must have actually imagined it. A pebble then falls out the the sky and also passes him, however he is enraptured by the beauty of the city before him and does not notice the pebble.