brutal, callous, cold fish, cold-blooded, cold-hearted, cruel, hard, hard as nails, hard-boiled, harsh, inhuman, insensitive, merciless, obdurate, pitiless, ruthless, savage, thick-skinned, uncaring, uncompassionate, unemotional, unfeeling, unkind, discontent

Idiom scenario 1

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Two volunteers are talking ...

Volunteer 1: can you imagine? The man is a billionaire and also all we require is fifty thousand dollars to keep the orphanage going and also he wouldn't offer a penny.

Volunteer 2: he has a love of stone. These bad orphans have suffered so much already. Hard come imagine the he doesn't feel any type of sympathy in the direction of them.

Idiom scenario 2

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Two roommates space talking ...

Roommate 1: I've got a real problem. My automobile broke under this month and also I had to go to the dentist because a filling fell out. As a an outcome of these unexpected expenditures, I'm going to it is in a little short top top my half of following month's rent. Can you please assist me?

Roommate 2: Your an individual problems and finances space none of my concern. I'm not giving you any money. Ask her parents or something.

Roommate 1: you have a heart of stone.

to have actually a heart of stone - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 241

to have actually a heart of stone - Gerund Form:

Having a heart of stone, the man refused to provide a donation come the orphans.

to have a heart of rock - Examples:

1) might He forgive me for having a heart of stone v which I pertained to their fate.

2) I've learned no to waste mine time on people who have such hearts the stone the they can't see past their poor experiences.

3) however those judges through hearts the stone, Oh, just how cruel they be to send us poor young lads to ...

4) Can principles fashion the man with a love of stone anew, so the he i do not care compassionate, ...

5) Today, human being are heart dead, with understanding of stone, without natural affection, cruel and also ...

6) I'm a man with a love of stone. Ns don't cry at sappy movies.

7) But, and also this is a huge but, that was additionally a narcissist through a heart of stone that treated loyal employees like garbage.

8) ... Castle can't think that the slaveholders have such hearts the stone towards their slaves as to treat them with an excellent cruelty.

9) If one unjust, judge through a love of stone deserve to be relocated by the persistent prayers that a widow, ...

10) but it is intimated by plenty of that he to be an uncharitable, unfeeling wretch with a heart of stone.

11) ... She has learned to it is in practical, even if it has made her show up to have actually a love of stone.

12) us don't require the holy bible to tell us that there space evil men with hearts of stone in manage of ours world.

13) Many world have together hearts the stone the it take away a tragedy to do them receptive to ...

14) If you uncover this to be inhuman and having a heart of stone, I uncover you to be naive and also presumptuous.

15) ... Allow you to go and also visit your mothers, and thinking that ns have a love of stone since I execute not let friend go.

16) ... Because you're simply doomed to be an angry, bitter human being with a heart of stone. In various other words, a huge loser.

17) friend would need to have a heart of stone no to be moved by together a spectacle- either due to the fact that of the battle the child ...

18) you come across as proud, close-minded, having a love of stone and unloving.

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19) Passing all the beggars in the street there is no feeling any sympathy mirrors that the has a heart of stone ...