n. A period of europe history, lasting from around 1300 come 1600, during which renewed interest in classical society led to far-reaching changes in art, learning, and also views that the world. "The Renaissance to be a movement that started in Italy."

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n. A Renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on person potential and also achievements. "The research of classic texts caused humanism."

adj. Involved with worldly fairly than spirituality matters. "The straightforward spirit that Renaissance culture was secular."

n. A human who supports artists, particularly financially. "They came to be patrons that the arts by financially sustaining artists."

n. One artistic an approach that creates the appearance of three dimensions ~ above a flat surface. "Renaissance painters provided the technique of perspective."

n. The everyday language of human being in a an ar or country "He wrote in the vernacular, instead of Latin."

n. An imaginary land explained by Thomas an ext in his book Utopia-hence, perfect place. "In Greek, Utopia means "no place."

n. The most well known writer of the Elizabethan Age. "Many human being regard wilhelm Shakespeare as the best playwright of every time."

n. A craftsman native Mainz, Germany, emerged a printing press that incorporated a number of technologies in a brand-new way. "Johann Gutenberg boosted the process of developing books."

n. A pardon release a human from punishments due for a sin. "Indulgences to be not claimed to affect God"s appropriate to judge."

n. A 16th-century motion for religious reform, causing the founding of Christian churches that rejected the pope"s authority. "Reformation caused the founding of Christian churches that did not accept the pope"s authority."

n. A member of a good news church started on the teachings of martin Luther. "Luther and also his followers came to be a separate religious group referred to as Lutherans."

n. A member of a Christian church established on the principles of the Reformation. "These protesting princes happened known as Protestants."

n. A 1555 covenant declaring that the faith of each German state would certainly be determined by that ruler. "The famous religious settlement became known together the tranquility of Augsburg."

n. The doctrine the God has decided all things beforehand, including which human being will it is in eternally saved. "Predestination is the doctrine the God chooses couple of to save."

n. A body of religious teachings based upon the ideas of the reformer john Calvin. "The faith based of the teachings of john Calvin is referred to as Calvinism."

n. 1. A federal government in which the leader is regarded as a magnificent figure. 2. A government managed by spiritual leaders. "Calvin believed the ideal federal government was a theocracy."

n. A member that a good news church administrate by presbyters (elders) and also founded ~ above the teachings of john Knox. "Followers the Knox ended up being Presbyterians."

n. In the Reformation, a member of a Protestant group that thought in baptizing only those persons that were old sufficient to decide to be Christian and believed in the separation the church and also state. "Anabaptist comes from a Greek word meaning baptize again."

n. A 16th century activity in i m sorry the roman Catholic Church sought to make transforms in response to the protestant Reformation. "Historians when referred the Catholic improvement as the counter Reformation."

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n. Members of the society of Jesus, a roman inn Catholic spiritual order founded by Ignatius that Loyola. "Jesuits concentrated on 3 activities."

n. A conference of roman inn Catholic leaders, dubbed by Pope Paul III to preeminence on doctrines criticize by the protestant reformers. "At the board of directors of Trent Catholic bishops and cardinals i agreeed on number of doctrines."