You guys, this made me giggle. Because that real. Giggling the end loud come myself together I was standing admiring our Elf on the Shelf’s newest antic. In fact, my husband came from the other room to view what was going on. These printable Elf ~ above the Shelf hats are exactly what ours Instagram collection Wall wall needed. HA!

New because that 2020, don’t miss 25 work of Elf top top the Shelf printable masks! (They also look good taped to family members photos!!!)


Doesn’t my family look great in Elf hats?!

The best part is the this idea will occupational for any type of Elf. For some of the image the Elf hat fits perfectly, while rather it is huge. But it doesn’t matter, that’s part of the hilarity!


I’ve seen plenty the Elves compose on photos with wipeable markers, in fact, ours Elf, Kringle, did that last year. However then bad mom needs to clean all of the glass the following day. Moms almost everywhere will prefer this turn on the Elf photos since clean increase is easy. Although, my kids seem to think keeping Elf hats top top everyone through Christmas is the finest idea. We will see — the is pretty darn cute!

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Printable Elf on The Shelf Hats

This easy Elf top top the Shelf idea have the right to be replicated by her family’s Elf with my complimentary printable Elf on the Shelf hats, scissors and also tape.

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Just direct your family Elf to the post, and let them do magic. Basic peasy.

Download the free printable Elf ~ above the Shelf hats here. 


I hope this idea makes your household giggle (and her Elf) as much as that made me giggle.

What is her Elf as much as this vacation season?

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