Click to see complete answer In this regard, where does the movie God Bless the damaged Road take it place?

Based ~ above the Rascal Flatts track “Bless the damaged Road,” the film combines NASCAR and the battle in Afghanistan to craft a story linked to the song by the thinnest of threads. Lindsay Pulsipher stars together Amber, a widowed mom who loses she faith and her connection to God once her husband is killed in Afghanistan.

Beside above, exactly how long is the movie God Bless the broken Road? 1h 53m

Likewise, world ask, who sings in the movie God Bless the broken Road?

same Trade solutions will relax a soundtrack album for the faith-based drama God Bless the damaged Road. The album attributes the songs from and inspired by the movie through artists including Regina Leigh, MercyMe, Micah Tyler, Austin French, The afters, eagle Nelson & citizens Way.

Is Bless the damaged Road a nation song?

"Bless the damaged Road" is a song that has actually been videotaped by number of American country music artists.

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When to be God Bless the broken Road released?


Is God bless the damaged road movie based upon a true story?

"God Bless the broken Road" a strange Frankenstein"s monster the a film. The movie is based upon the Rascal Flatts tune "Bless the damaged Road" and also combines NASCAR and the war in Afghanistan to craft a story connected to the tune by the thinnest of threads.

Who wrote The broken Road?

Marcus Hummon Jeff Hanna Bobby Boyd

What is God Bless the damaged Road rated?

1. Why is "God Bless the damaged Road" rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for "thematic elements and some combat action." The evaluation consists of a few scenes that combat and a death with negligible gore; there"s no nudity or sexual content and no solid language.

Do you believe in God movie?

Do girlfriend Believe? is a 2015 Christian drama movie directed through Jon Gunn and stars one ensemble actors featuring Ted McGinley, Mira Sorvino, Andrea Logan White, Lee Majors, Alexa PenaVega, Sean Astin, Madison Pettis, Cybill Shepherd, and Brian Bosworth. The movie is spread by Pure Flix, who released it on march 20, 2015.

Who played Joe in God bless the damaged road?

actors (in credits order) complete, awaiting confirmation Matthew Derek Davis Schaefer (as Matthew Davis) Andrew W. Walker Cody Jackson (as Andrew Walker) Gary Grubbs Joe Carter Shane Carson process Server Madeline Carroll Hannah

Who initially sang Bless the broken Road?

Today, we honor the team that initially recorded the Rascal Flatts" fight "Bless The damaged Road. " Jeff Hanna the the Nitty Gritty Dirt band co-wrote "Bless The broken Road" in 1994. The Nitty Gritty dirt Band videotaped their own version that the track first, then co-writer Marcus Hummon walk his very own version in 1995.

Does Rascal Flatts compose their own music?

The group likewise bucks Nashville conventions by writing many of their own songs, playing their own tools on the road and also in the studio and co-producing their own records.

Is Bless the damaged Road a wedding song?

(God) Bless The damaged Road, initially a pop track hit, seems choose the perfect tune for a wedding day. It"s to be recorded and covered countless times due to the fact that it"s first release in the mid 1990"s; Rascal Flatts recorded the version v the most chart success.

Is God Bless the broken Road top top Netflix?

God Bless the broken Road. After a young mom is widowed by war, her faith is tested as she battles to continue to be afloat financially and raise her daughter.

What is the movie the damaged about?

After she father"s surprise party, radiologist Gina McVey sick a vehicle crash and loses components of she memory. Shortly a dark fact is unveilled.

What song made Rascal Flatts famous?

Bless the damaged Road

Who wrote broken and beautiful?

"Broken & Beautiful" is a tune by American singer Kelly Clarkson for the soundtrack to the 2019 animation motion picture UglyDolls. It was produced by American DJ Marshmello v British producer Steve Mac, both that whom had actually co-written the tune with American singer Pink and also Irish musician Johnny McDaid.
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