QUESTION: Can okra it is in grown in pots? are they too huge to tree in a container? -Paul R.

ANSWER: Like many vegetables, okra is well suited to container gardening. To start growing okra in pots or containers, first, pick out a huge pot make of every little thing material girlfriend prefer. The container have to be at the very least three gallons or larger. For finest results, a five-gallon pot the is ten to 12 inches deep through a similar diameter is the perfect dimension for a single okra plant. If you usage a bigger pot, you can prosper a few plants in it instead. That is ideal to pick out a container that is black, because it will attract in extra heat, which your okra plants will certainly appreciate.

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When picking the end your seeds, look because that a dwarf okra selection that will not prosper larger than five feet tall. You can flourish any selection of okra in a container, however dwarf varieties are much better suited to container gardening than various other okra tree types. If friend live in an area with shorter summers, pick out a selection that matures quickly.

Plant when the temperature starts to stay over 55–60 levels F and all risk of frost has actually passed. Cultivation okra year-round is possible if friend live in a subtropical or tropic region, or in USDA zones 9-11. Due to its taproot, okra will certainly not transplant well, so it’s finest to tree seeds into your containers directly. Sow two or three okra seed one half to one customs deep into each pot. Water v a watering deserve to or a sprayer collection on shower and also place her containers in a bright, warm location. The soil needs to remain moist till your seeds germinate, which takes around five come ten work after sowing seed. The warmer the weather, the faster germination will occur.

Once your seedlings have sprouted, pick a location that gets full sunlight for at least five to six hrs per day, more if possible. Like other prolific southern vegetables such together tomatoes and also peppers, okra needs numerous sunlight come thrive. The potting floor you usage for okra need to be loamy, crumbly, and well-draining. Soilless potting mixes rich in organic issue work wonderfully. Otherwise, girlfriend can add in a the majority of organic matter, such as compost, or aged-manure to give a constant supply of important nutrients to your okra plants.

Keep the soil (or soilless medium) slightly moist at all times, watering frequently to save the floor uniformly moist. Salary close attention to the moisture levels of the soil during the most crucial period of growth, from the begin of the flowering duration until the finish of production.

The most necessary factor in growing an excellent okra is the temperature, as okra needs a the majority of heat. The plant can grow over 50 degrees F, however to flower and bear fruit with abundance, the temperature needs to be approximately 75 come 95 degrees. Okra plants have the right to tolerate higher temperatures an extremely well yet will fail to develop pods when the temperature gets too cool.

Okra me pollinates, so over there is no have to worry about pollination. As lengthy as you choose a dwarf range for container growing, there is additionally no have to worry about pinching or topping, as your plant will certainly not grow greater than five feet tall. Okra is frequently plagued by fusarium wilt and is likewise susceptible to attacks from nematodes, aphids, and whiteflies. These troubles are usually just an concern when growing okra in huge quantities, however, and should be straightforward to regulate in smaller container gardens.

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Okra will certainly bloom around two month after planting and the fruit will begin to appear around 5-7 days afterwards. Okra will require regular harvesting, and pods should be harvested while they room still soft or castle will end up being too fibrous and also too hard for consumption. The ideal time to pick your ford are as soon as they are in between three and also five inches in length. Bend the tip of any type of fruit and also if it breaks v ease, it is tho tender and also ready because that picking.

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Maria Hutchison says

August 12, 2020 at 4:08 pm

I planted in containers 3 okra per pot, they have bloomed but i am no getting any pods, they seem to wither and also dies. Any kind of suggestions??