Great danes are famous for your loving, faithful personalities—just ask Shaggy what he thought of Scooby Doo.

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Gentle and Kind

Despite their size, good Danes are fantastically friendly and get along with people of all ages—even strangers.

Jumbo Sized

The an excellent Dane’s dimension is component of the appeal. There’s just something endearing about that large ol’ confront greeting friend every morning!

Easy to Groom

Great Danes room a cinch come groom, in spite of their tendency to shed. If she busy and don’t have actually time for continuous brushing, this is the dog for you!

Easy to Train

Great Danes room avid student and constantly love to please your owner with new tricks (as long as you have actually plenty that yummy treats).

Fun because that the entirety Family

Great Danes space incredible, friendly family members dogs that make quick friends through children and also adults alike.



ours 3 component Mission

The pleasure of our customers, ours breeders, and also your puppy is the structure of everything we do.


Connect responsible, honest breeders through responsible, moral buyers. Our mission is to take it the uncertainty and also headache the end of finding the perfect puppy.


Help owners keep their puppies happy and healthy throughout the dog"s entire life by sourcing and creating the finest products, services, and also learning materials.


Accelerate the elimination of puppy mills by empowering humane breeders and also exposing those v inhumane operations. We desire to be component of the solution.


5 Star Breeders

us only job-related with an excellent Dane breeders that pass ours 47 breeder standards. Here are a couple of of them...

About Uptown authorized Breeders

No puppy mills. No scams. We extensively vet all breeders based on our 47 Breeder Standards. As soon as you uncover a puppy at Uptown, you"re no just gaining a dog--you"re acquiring peace that mind that your new best friend is comes from an experienced, moral breeder who loves dogs just as lot as you do.

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How much are an excellent Dane puppies for sale in Houston TX?

Want to uncover a good Dane for sale Houston quickly and easily? climate start best here! begin by in search of something favor ”Great Dane Houston” or similar, and explore the range of puppies indigenous the top an excellent Dane breeders in Houston. Then find one friend like and also contact the breeder. Easy!

Is over there a many difference between purebred and also mixed each other dogs?

Purebred dogs are bred to accomplish very details standards, and also they additionally have a documented pedigree. Blended breed dogs, on the various other hand, may have actually parents from various breeds. Neither is much better than the other, and it relies on what you room looking for. If you desire to find for Houston great Dane puppies because that sale, begin here!

Can I discover cheap puppies by looking here?

The Houston great Dane breeders and also companies in the Uptown Network carry out not specialize in giving the cheapest puppies. The encourage breeders you’ll discover here carry out a boutique service and incredibly high standards. Because that ethical an excellent Danes for sale in Houston, look no additional than the top good Dane breeders Houston you’ll uncover in ours network.

Will one daily walk be sufficient for my dog?

If you’re looking Uptown for great Danes for sale Houston, keep in mind the these are big dogs that need quite a bit of exercise. This method a daily walk of around an hour when your dog is an adult. Yet your dog will probably want come play and use up more energy in ~ home. For this reason make sure they get sufficient exercise to save them happy!

Is over there any particular food friend recommend because that my dog?

Every dog is different, so that’s the first thing to take into consideration when you look because that Houston an excellent Danes because that sale and you want to know around food. Ask your vet if lock have any type of recommendations, and also talk to other dog owners. Most importantly, make certain the food you offer your dog is healthy and nutritious.

Will I find lots that different types of an excellent Dane puppies in my area?

Great Dane puppies in Houston come in every kinds that varieties and have countless different cloak colors. Start searching Uptown now for good Dane puppies Houston and see what you can find. Also if friend don’t uncover your perfect pup nearby, there’s a an excellent chance you’ll find it in the network since there room breeders and businesses here from all over the country.

When were an excellent Danes first bred?

Great Danes were bred a few centuries ago, originally to hunt boars. Lock were rather ferocious back then! This trait has since been bred out of them, however, and also now they room loveable, cuddly, gentle dogs instead, i beg your pardon is why great Dane puppies for sale Houston are so popular!

What characteristics do good Danes have?

Great Danes room large, because that a start, farming up to virtually 180 pounds! however when you find for a Houston good Dane for sale, it’s necessary to know that lock are well-known for being gentle dogs. They room loving and also friendly companions, and they get on an excellent with everyone. They space loyal dogs that love being close to to their owners.

Do good Danes need continual grooming?

Great Danes carry out not require a the majority of grooming, and also that’s one of the points that makes great Dane puppies for sale in Houston so popular. Castle have brief coats, and a continual brush and also bath is sufficient to store things in order. They carry out shed, yet they are taken into consideration average quite than hefty shedders.

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Can i leave my an excellent Dane alone for long periods the time?

If you considering obtaining a an excellent Dane for sale in Houston, it’s not a an excellent idea to leave it at house alone for too long. While good Danes room relaxed and gentle dogs, they room sociable dogs and they crave companionship. They have the right to be left alone for short periods, but try not to leaving your great Dane alone for lengthy periods the time.