He walks up to her, pulls a chair, but doesn’t want to speak the usual Guten Tag! because he wants to admire her.

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He then stretches his hand, says something and Julia smiles.

But what does the say?


In Germany, a basic greeting can gain someone quite excited, depending on how the said.

You don’t need to stick to the overused, almost cliché words the every newbie knows.

Instead, crank the up v these quite slick ways that will certainly make friend look cool and also interesting.

Let’s walk …

The many common type is: Guten Morgen!

This kind of greeting is an extremely common and you can use that casually with your friends or also in one official location like greeting her boss.

When you space greeted, you should likewise greet back, together it is taken into consideration rude not to respond.

Remember, Germans are really courteous and also you perform want to come off as rude.

So when someone approaches you and also says, Guten Morgen!, friend should likewise say Guten Morgen!

But be careful not to usage it after ~ 12 afternoon – just late risers use it then. By the way, execute you knowhow to tell time in German? If not, then inspect yout this link.

Good morning in various regions the Germany

Learn more about theGerman states and capitals right here or scroll down and learn just how to say an excellent morning in various regions the Germany.


Grüß Gott

This expression is used greatly in southern Germany especially Bayern (Bavaria).

You can likewise say Grüß dich to stir increase the vibe!


In northern Germany top top the various other hand, girlfriend will regularly hear world use words Moin, i beg your pardon doesn’t simply mean ‘good morning’ but can be offered at any time that the work or night.

In Hamburg and also Bremen, people likewise like to use the twin form Moin-Moin, which works an extremely well with civilization you have actually a close connection with.

Think of it favor the English ‘yeah-yeah’.

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This expression is additionally from nothern Germany, just a bit informal. Usage it just with near friends!


Another friendly means to greet someone is come say Servus to them, i beg your pardon basically method ‘at her service.’ While it its most common in Bavaria and Austria, other places you could hear that include:

Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) Hessen (Hesse) Baden-Württemberg Saarland Thüringen (Thuringia)


In Berlin, whereby I come from, we frequently say Mojen in the morning and Tach during the day.

While the word is in chin a greeting, that a straight comparison to the English short form of ‘Morning’ rather of ‘Good Morning.’