Teddy Duncan had actually a couple of different boyfriends (and crushes) throughout Good lucky Charlie yet none were featured an ext than Spencer Walsh.

Their connection didn’t exactly get turn off to a good start, though, when the center Duncan child learned the Spencer was cheating on her.Here’s what us know about these characters and their connection in this Disney Channel series.

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‘Good luck Charlie’ Episode titled ‘Down a Tree’ | Ron Tom/DISNEY CHANNEL via Getty Images

Spencer Walsh cheated on Teddy native ‘Good lucky Charlie’

It’s not straightforward trying to date when your family members is constantly getting in the way, take it it indigenous Teddy Duncan. Viewers met Teddy’s very first crush throughout the an initial episode that this Disney Channel series, titled “Study Date.” that was Spencer, a super cute man from her school.

Eventually, the two personalities dated and even kissed, which was a pretty big deal for Teddy Duncan, and she shared throughout her video clip diary. The relationship wasn’t always great, though. Throughout the “Girl Bites Dog” episode of Good lucky Charlie, Teddy learned the her friend was cheating top top her.

She dumped him and the other girl precise dumped a smoothie ~ above him. Throughout the “Teddy’s broken Heart club Band” episode, Teddy teamed up v Spencer’s other girlfriend, Skyler, to do in a talent show.

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Teddy Duncan and also Spencer dated during ‘Good lucky Charlie’

During the “Can You save a Secret?” episode, Teddy and also Spencer start dating again, after Teddy realizes she still has feelings because that him. Unfortunately, that 2nd try in ~ the partnership doesn’t work-related out, either.

Spencer is older than Teddy so, ~ being welcomed to a university in Boston, the pair tries to do a long-distance partnership work. The doesn’t and also the 2 decide to break up, through Teddy dating among her father’s employees, Beau, shortly after.

During the “Teddy’s Choice” episode, Spencer returns to Denver and shares that he still likes Teddy, asking her come choose between him and also her existing boyfriend. However, Teddy chose that lock should just be friends and also continues to date Beau.

Everything changes, though, as soon as Teddy learn she’ll it is in attending Yale University, i beg your pardon is just a short car ride away from Spencer’s college. In among the last episodes that Good lucky Charlie, these two decide to give their relationship one much more chance.

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‘Good luck Charlie’ is now easily accessible on the streaming platform, Disney+

Although this collection originally premiered on Disney Channel, the company’s television network, the has since made the switch to Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+, where most episodes are obtainable for binge-watching.

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There’s also the spinoff film, Good lucky Charlie: It’s Christmas, which featured the same actors members on their holiday adventure, travel to Palm Springs. Come learn much more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit your website.