They're no very great for a freshman. They're pretty comparable to the times i ran together a freshman, and I was pretty bad earlier then (school the ~400 in WI, because that context on what "pretty bad" way - they'll be far better in a smaller sized school, worse in a larger one, much better in a location that cares less around track, worse in one the does). However, I acquired pretty great by an elderly year, for this reason don't it is in discouraged. I was possibly a half second away from going to state in the 300h (again, in a tool sized school in WI), and had transitioned from a distance runner they had run the hurdles once, into a lengthy sprinter/hurdler/high jumper. So no, they're not very good, yet you will certainly absolutely get better.

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The 1600 and also 300m hurdles room an strange combination, yet if her school demands runners there walk for it. These two occasions have totally different training regimes so girlfriend will have to split your time in practicing for them however you check out fit. Depending on which one her school demands you in or is your favorite will certainly be the one you must train for more. Also, i think you should pick to stick to among the events and also choose events an ext like that if girlfriend would prefer to carry out exceptionally well in it.

We have actually a coach at my school who once he completed made State for both 2 mile (his time was choose in 9:30s) and Pole Vault (his elevation was in 15s) Crazy great runner and also vaulter just overall

Was this your very first meet? That's similar to what ns had got my very first time around on the 300m hurdles throughout my freshman year that track. While i don't really emphasis on that race especially (I do 110's v a PR the 16.2, just started my junior year the T&F), ns was maybe to gain a time of 45 by the end of mine sophomore year.

One thing you need to focus on if you'd choose to continue this race is attack the hurdle. Obtain comfortable with using both legs together your lead and also your time will drop significantly.

This to be my 3rd meet this season. Being able come lead v either leg will probably help a lot, together I keep stutter stepping and slowing down as soon as I acquire to the hurdle.

I have actually a 300 hurdler running around 41 right now. Finest drill I've found is to perform a 50 or 100m sprint and also move the hurdle placements randomly. This renders the athlete gauge their actions right after landing your previous one.

Attack the hurdle 100%. These room lower, go appropriate at them with no mercy and also make sure you're taking off about 6 to 7 ft far so the your clearing the hurdle ~ above the down movement of the "jump" or stride.

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