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"Crocodile Rock" is a song written by Elton John and also Bernie Taupin, and also recorded in summer 1972 at the Château d"Hérouville studio in France (it was listed as "Strawberry Studios" in the album"s credits), where John and also his team had previously videotaped the Honky Château album. It to be released on 27 October 1972 in the UK and 20 November 1972 in the U. S., as a pre-release single from his forthcoming 1973 album Don"t shoot Me I"m just the Piano Player, and also became his first U. S. Number-one single, getting to the peak spot top top 3 February 1973, and stayed over there for 3 weeks. In the U. S., it to be certified yellow on 5 February 1973 and Platinum on 13 September 1995 by the RIAA. In Canada, the topped the chart as well, staying at No.1 ~ above the RPM 100 national singles chart for four weeks from 17 February v 10 March. It was the first song released as a single on the MCA label (catalogue #40000) after MCA dissolved its Uni, Decca, Kapp and also Coral labels. (John had previously been v the Uni label.) "Crocodile Rock" is conquered by a Farfisa organ, play by John. The take a nostalgic watch at early rock "n" roll, dating and also youthful freedom of that era. Elton man band members, consisting of Davey Johnstone on guitars, Dee Murray on bass and also Nigel Olsson on drums, were additionally performers top top the song. Elton John, however, did every the vocals, including the falsetto backing vocals.more »

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I remember as soon as rock was youngMe and Suzie had actually so lot funHolding hands and skimming stonesHad one old yellow Chevy and also a ar of my ownBut the best kick I ever gotWas doing a thing referred to as the Crocodile RockWhile the other children were Rocking ring the ClockWe were hopping and bopping come the Crocodile RockWell Crocodile Rocking is miscellaneous shockingWhen your feet simply can"t save stillI never knew me a much better time and also I guess I never ever willOh Lawdy mama those Friday nightsWhen Suzie wore her costume tightAnd the Crocodile Rocking was out of sightBut the year went by and also the rock simply diedSuzie went and also left us for some international guyLong nights crying by the document machineDreaming of mine Chevy and my old blue jeansBut they"ll never ever kill the thrills we"ve gotBurning as much as the Crocodile RockLearning quick as the weeks go pastWe really believed the Crocodile Rock would last

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Elton man Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight top top 25 in march 1947) is one English absent singer-songwriter, composer, pianist and also occasional actor.

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He has operated with lyricist Bernie Taupin together his songwriter partner due to the fact that 1967; they have collaborated on an ext than 30 albums to date. More »