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The glen Helen Rehabilitation center lies top top 9 acre of land and consists of 3 inmate-housing facilities. Glenn Helen is san Bernardino County"s major facility for housing both male and female inmates sentenced to county commitments.

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The masculine Facility opened up in 1960 together a work-related camp and had a capacity of 100 inmates in a maximum housing unit. The initial site was likewise used together the Sheriff"s an easy Academy until countless years later on when the training center was moved to the property simply north the the jail. The present facility has actually two Minimum Security real estate Units and a preferably Security real estate Unit. Glen Helen has a maximum capacity of 1446 inmates and also averages a daily population of 800 male and also female inmates.

Plans are at this time in advance to remodel two existing dormitory real estate units the will home over 500 pre-trial and sentenced county inmates.

Glen Helen"s Female basic originally opened in 1988 with three dorm devices for the real estate of ar sentenced inmates. Secondary Maximum defense Unit was added in 2003 and the complicated now houses both pre-trial and sentenced females. The female Facility has actually the capacity to home 326 inmates and also averages one inmate populace of 250 inmates per day.

Working in conjunction with the courts and the judicial Council, san Bernardino ar "s occupational Release program has been modified to allow much more sentenced inmates to qualify for the program. Qualifying in-custody inmates deserve to take stated classes if incarcerated at Glen Helen and, ~ above completion, might qualify because that "Work Release". Under the direction that the court, the inmate can be released prior to his best sentence has been completed in order come reestablish ties with their family. In this way, the individual can return come their former employment and also serve the community on their non-scheduled workdays.

The mountain Bernardino County board of Supervisors authorized the Sheriff to provide a work-related release program. While giving manual job to enhance or preserve public facilities, inmates might re-establish ties with their family, return to job-related with their previous employers; while serving the neighborhood on their non-scheduled work-related days. Inmates that qualify may finish their court meeting on the digital confinement regime from glen Helen. The regime requires the routine participant to wear a general practitioners ankle transmitter for the size of your commitment. The program is fees based ($15.00 every day), but the i can not qualify to salary does not disqualify one applicant indigenous participation.

The Inmate solutions Unit (ISU) is based on the valley Helen site and administers solutions for inmates housed in mountain Bernardino County’s 4 primary custody facilities and also five far jails. Teachers, counselors, chaplains, Sheriff’s staff, and also volunteers administer court-ordered and voluntary academic, vocational, and cognitive classes, Twelve-step programs, dilemm counseling and religious services to facilitate rehabilitation during incarceration and also upon release. ISU coordinates with other government agencies, schools, community and also faith-based organizations, as well as local employers to provide programming v the goal of do our community safer through decreased recidivism.

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In might 2013, the mountain Bernardino county Sheriff’s Department and also San Bernardino county Fire Department introduced a pilot routine to train inmates to occupational as firefighters. The county opened an 8-acre inmate fire camp which houses male inmate fire hand crews. The is essential to note; this to be the an initial county activate fire camp in the state. The routine was, in part, a an answer to California’s prison realignment law that shifted responsibility for detaining low-level convicts native state prisons to ar jails in October 2011. Jail populaces swelled v the come of former state prisoners, including some that had worked on fire crews operation by the California department of Forestry and also Fire Protection. Realignment likewise led come inmates serving longer sentences in county jails. This meant inmates could finish firefighter training and also still have ample time left on your sentences to serve on a fire crew. The fire at this time consists that three, 14-man crews and also we room hoping to add more. On November 23, 2015, a 13-member female fire crew i graduated from the fire camp after ~ completing practically five month of training. This woman fire crew to be the an initial of its type in the state.