With just five complete wins in his first two season, Bobby Ross rebuilt the Yellow Jackets behind quarterback Shawn Jones. Georgia Tech gotten in the 1990 season unranked. It perfect the year together the only undefeated team in department I-A college football together Ross (31-26-1, 1987-91) lead the Jackets to their unprecedented 4th national title.

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On Georgia Tech’s homecoming weekend, a most notable collection of alumni will be celebrated. The 1990 national-championship football team will certainly be honored Saturday at halftime the the Yellow Jackets’ game against Virginia technology at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

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The team was to be well-known last autumn for the 30th anniversary the the championship, but the COVID-19 pandemic delay the plans. The Yellow Jackets team, coached by Bobby Ross, finished the season 11-0-1 and earned the No. 1 ranking in the last UPI (coaches) poll.

The 1990 football team is not the just team that note getting together this weekend for homecoming. The 1971 baseball team and also the 2001-02 women’s swimming teams likewise will be enjoy it reunions and will it is in honored at the soccer game.

The 1971 baseball team, coached through Jim Luck, was the second in school background to make the NCAA Tournament. The Jackets finished v a 31-6 record and 10th in the final poll and recorded a team ERA that 2.65, at that allude a team record and still the second lowest in team history. Their .838 winning percentage remains the greatest of any kind of team in almost a century. No under than five team members have been inducted right into the Tech sports Hall the Fame, including camer Bonifay, that went top top to become general manager because that the Pittsburgh Pirates indigenous 1993-2001.

The 2001-02 women’s swimming team to be the very first in institution history. Coached by Seth Baron and also captained through Lisa Hancock, the Jackets set a structure for a team the has generated multiple All-Americans and also All-ACC honorees. Amongst the team members was Jenny Lentz, who went on to end up being a U.S. Navy fighter pilot.

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