Direct code Entry because that GE remotes v 4 digit codes

The following is a quick tutorial ~ above programming most models of GE global remotes through 4 number codes. See additionally this web page for basic GE remote code entering instructions.

Step 1: Press and hold the "SETUP" switch until the indicator light turns on, climate release.

Step 2: Press and also release the wanted Mode switch (TV, DVD, CBL/SAT, etc.). The indicator light will certainly blink, then stays lit.

Step 3: get in the 4 digit code for your device. ~ a valid password entry, the indicator light transforms off. For an invalid code, the indicator light flashes.

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Step 4: with your device on, test a couple of common functions like "CHANNEL Up/Down" or "VOLUME Up/Down" , "MUTE", etc. If the an equipment responds, no further programming is required. If part buttons don"t work-related as castle should, try a various code listed for your brand.

NOTE: The indicator light will certainly either it is in a small red LED at the optimal of the remote or the illuminated "ON/OFF" button.

About codes offered in GE/Jasco remotes


There were multiple 4 digit password versions provided in GE remotes end time, native V1 (2006), V2 (2011), V3, V4 (2012), V5, CL3 (2013), CL4 (2016) come the newest CL5 (2019).

To uncover out the version your far uses, open the battery compartment, eliminate the batteries and also locate the sticker comprise the design number. A version 2 through Version 5 far will have a "V2" come "V5" after ~ the model number. Older remotes v no version after the model# usage the V1 code list. The newest ones will certainly be CL3, CL4 or CL5.

In order to save you the hassle of going through multiple code tables, we have compiled together the code lists from various versions of GE remotes share the very same code base (e.g. V2&V4, V3&V5). If her remote is contempt old, you"ll acquire the advantage of detect the code for your an equipment even if it appeared after your remote to be manufactured, but uses one old code that currently exists preprogrammed in your model. Girlfriend can additionally find the password for some old gadgets that room dropped from the password lists, but still sustained by more recent remote controls. The just downside of this method is, that there will be a few codes the are only supported by a specific version. So, if a code provided for her brand is not supported by her remote, shot the next one from the list.

Sometimes a code will certainly be accepted, yet only allow limited function control (e.g. Only volume and channel control). In this case, continue programming making use of the next code number for the brand.

Auto password Search (for newer models)

The Auto password Search searches immediately through all of the password stored in her remote. If your device does no respond to any kind of of the codes provided for your device, or her brand go not appear in the code lists, try the adhering to steps:

Step 1: Manually turn on the an equipment you wish to control.

Step 2: Press and hold the "SETUP" switch until the indicator light continues to be on, climate release.

Step 3: Press and also release the desired an equipment button ~ above the far (TV, DVD, CBL/SAT, etc.). The indicator light will blink once and also then remain on.

Step 4: with the remote pointed at the device, press and release the "POWER" button on the far once. Wait patiently until the remote sends a batch the 10 codes to the device. The indicator light will blink when for each code and also remain on after sending the 10 codes. Repeat this step again and also again till your device turns off.

Step 5: when the an equipment turns off, manually revolve the maker back on.

Step 6: v the remote pointed at the device, press and also release the "VOL+" button until the maker turns off. The remote will resend the critical 10 codes one by one. Be sure to wait approximately 3 seconds after every "VOL+" button press to enable the machine time come respond.

Step 7: when the device turns off, press and also release the same machine button friend pressed in step 3 to store the code.


The "VOL–" button can be provided to go backwards v each batch the 10 codes.The indicator light will flash 2 times after testing the first or last password in every batch the 10.Test the buttons top top the far to view if the device responds together you would certainly expect. If no all buttons job-related as lock should, repeat this procedure to search for a better code.Repeat this procedure for each machine you wish to control.

Auto password Search (for enlarge models)

Step 1: Manually rotate on the device you wish to control.

Step 2: Press and also hold the "SETUP" switch until the red indicator light stays on (around 4 seconds) and then release the button.

Step 3: Press and also release the desired maker button top top the far (TV, DVD, CBL/SAT, DVR/AUX). The red indicator will blink once and remains on.

Step 4: suggest the remote at the machine and press and also release the "POWER" button (for TV) or "PLAY" button (for DVD, VCR, etc.) to begin the search. The red indicator will certainly flash (approximately every 2 seconds) as the far searches. The remote must be pointed in ~ your device for the entire duration that this search.

Step 5: place your finger ~ above the #1 button so you are prepared to lock-in the code.

Step 6: once the device shuts turn off or begins playing, push the #1 button to lock-in the code. The red indicator irradiate will turn off. Note: you have about two secs after the machine shuts off or begins playing to lock-in the code.

Step 7: allude the remote at your an equipment and check to view if the far operates it together desired. If the does, no additional programming is required. If that does not, return to step 2 and start the auto find again.

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Code find instructions for some older GE remotes

Step 1: Manually revolve on the maker to it is in controlled.

Step 2: Press and hold the "SETUP" switch until the red indicator stays on, climate release.

Step 3: Press and also release the desired Mode switch (VCR, TV etc.). The red indicator will certainly blink once, then stays on.

Step 4: press the "POWER" (or "CHANNEL UP" for some versions) switch repeatedly until the an equipment to be managed powers off (or transforms channel). The red indicator will certainly blink through each keypress. As soon as all codes have actually been searched the red indicator flashes swiftly for 3 seconds.

Step 5: Press and also release "ENTER" (or "MUTE" or "SAVE") switch to download the code. The indicator light goes off.

Generally it"s finest to store VCR codes under the VCR button, cable codes under CBL, and so on. If you desire to store a VCR password under CBL, etc., very first follow the procedure for straight Code Entry and press CBL in step 2 of straight Code Entry, then enter any kind of VCR code in action 3 of straight Code Entry. Climate follow the steps over for code Search.