EERIE images have actually revealed the run-down stays of the elementary school Michael Jackson when attended as a child.

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The photos to be taken at Garnett elementary School, two blocks far from the popular music icon's childhood home in Gary, Indiana.


Chilling images show the dilapidated continues to be of Michael Jackson's childhood elementary institution in IndianaCredit: Mediadrumimages/Bullet

The pop star started grade institution at Garrett Elementary college in 1963 at the age of sixCredit: Getty images - Getty

Jackson, who attended the school beginning in 1963, famously sang rise Ev'ry hill at a school talent show while his mother, father, and grandfather watched in the audience.

Chilling photos of the dilapidated class school display classrooms with loosened textbook pages strewn about the floor, who dusty and also dirty tiles have actually been lifted and peeled earlier for decades.

Graffiti is scribbled on few of the classrooms' chalkboards.

Other shots revealed just how some fixtures and also fittings have actually remained in tact throughout the years.


A run-down classroom features records tossed about on the skin floor tiles and furniture in disarrayCredit: Mediadrumimages/Bullet

Broken desks, chairs and light fixtures space scattered transparent an abandoned classroomCredit: Mediadrumimages/Bullet

Another room is to fill with loosened papers, old textbooks, and also mostly north bookshelvesCredit: Mediadrumimages/Bullet

Pictured room shelves with neatly stacked textbooks which to be possibly supplied to teach Michael and also other students.

One photo attributes what was as soon as an at home gymnasium, wherein basketball hoops droop forlornly and a once-shiny hardwood court has end up being dirty and also covered in debris.

Another mirrors the school's fenced-off exterior, complete with not correct windows and also a boarded-up front door that shows the school's complete state that disrepair.

The school's exterior is now fenced off with shattered windows and tall shrubs shrouding the entranceCredit: Mediadrumimages/Bullet
Garrett Elementary college is 2 blocks from Michael's childhood homeCredit: Getty - Contributor
Some that knew Michael's household recalled when the Jackson 5 performed in ~ the school and also charged students 10cents a pieceCredit: Getty - Contributor

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Those who knew the Jackson family recounted come the Seattle Times exactly how Michael and also his brothers when performed as the Jackson 5 in ~ Garnett Elementary and also charged your schoolmates 10cents a piece.

Organizers said much more than 30 members of the Jackson family attended the performance.

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Although the school may have actually been defunct because that years, the memories developed by Michael and his brothers live on.

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