Naruto: Gaara's 5 finest Fights (& that Won) Gaara of the Sand is a fierce fighter through sand-based abilities. Just how did his finest fight scenes revolve out?

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The Naruto franchise is beloved because that featuring some of the many creative, exciting, and also unpredictable shonen activity scenes of all, and it"s not just the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, that is tremble reader and viewers through his exploits. Over there is additionally the matter of Gaara that the Sand, a villain turned hero who had actually plenty the cool fights that his own.

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Like Naruto, Gaara homes a tailed beast within, providing him remarkable powers and chakra contrasted to most other ninja. But Gaara was like a dark, twisted version of Naruto, and also got validation from killing his adversaries in combat till he met Naruto and had his life turn around. Now Gaara fights for good, and he"ll never offer up. I m sorry of Gaara"s fight scenes stand the end the most, and how go they revolve out?

Partway v the Chunin Exams, the 20 continuing to be participants to be paired off into matches of mortal combat, and the ninth enhance pitted Gaara against the taijutsu master, rock Lee. This hit promised to be intense, and also it likewise lived up to the "talent vs tough work" of this franchise.

Once the fight began, absent Lee astonished Gaara and also the others through his tremendous speed, technique, and also hitting power, dealing blows come Gaara that no ninja before him had ever landed on this jinchuriki. But Gaara had actually a couple of surprises the his own.

absent Lee"s ferocious strikes finally required Gaara to gain serious, and also Gaara"s bloodthirsty side emerged at last. Absent Lee was gaining tired, and now, Gaara was preparing a Sand Coffin to crush his opponent and splatter the arena v his blood.

Rock Lee did his best to stop such a fate, however he was as well late. Gaara"s awful sand crushed his arm and leg, and even once Rock Lee fainted, his human body stood up and also assumed a combat posture, completely by instinct and also willpower. Could Guy was moved to tears as Gaara was declared the winner.

Naruto vs Gaara
It"s true that Gaara confronted Sasuke Uchiha in the last phase the the Chunin Exams, yet that battle was interrupted when Orochimaru introduced his mission to damage the sheet Village. All bets to be off, and it soon fell to all of Team 7 to take on the powerhouse Gaara.

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Sakura and Sasuke couldn"t handle Gaara"s jinchuriki powers, but Naruto, a jinchuriki himself, knew simply what come do. V Kurama"s fierce chakra and also sheer willpower on his side, Naruto stood as much as Gaara, and also the jinchuriki duel began.

7 Winner: no one (Both Combatants worn down Each Other)

Naruto threw every little thing he had actually at Gaara, native platoons of shadow clones to Kurama"s destructive chakra and also even the summoning jutsu, consisting of Gamabunta himself. Gaara, meanwhile, materialized the one-tailed Shukaku, pounding away at Naruto"s defenses with air bullets and other techniques.

Eventually, though, Gaara and also Naruto collapsed, too worn down to store it up any kind of longer. Naruto took this opportunity to reach the end to Gaara"s heart, and also share Gaara"s pains of isolation and also fear. Gaara listened carefully, and also as Temari and Kankuro evacuated him, Gaara was mulling end Naruto"s words with an excellent consequence.

Later, throughout the Sasuke retrieval arc, the Sound 4 squad arrived to intercept Shikamaru Nara"s rescue team and ensure that Sasuke ended up in Orochimaru"s hands. Soon, Kimimaro joined the party, making that the Sound Five. Rock Lee tested him however failed to attain victory.

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Kimimaro had a bone-based kekkei genkai, and just as he was gaining ready to end up Rock Lee off, Gaara arrived together a friend and also challenged the mighty Kimimaro with the full degree of his sand powers. No longer will Gaara enable evil to have actually its way.

5 Winner: Gaara (By Default With Kimimaro"s Illness)

Gaara showed off brand-new methods with his sand powers, astonishing rock Lee v his significant talents. Kimimaro, meanwhile, was required to activate the last stage the his curse mark, turning him into a complete beast (complete with a tail).

Kimimaro fought back with a vengeance, eager to finish the fight before his incurable illness might rob him of his life. As well late; simply as Kimimaro thrust his bone drill in Gaara"s face, Kimimaro yielded to his illness, and also he dropped dead.

once Naruto Shippuden began, the Akatsuki organization made one more bold move. Already, Itachi and Kisame had stalked Naruto and tried come kidnap him, and now, Deidara and Sasori headed off to the Sand village to apprehend Gaara.

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By now, Gaara was the Kazekage despite his youth, and he mustered the full degree of his powers when Deidara challenged him with his explosive clay animals. By this point, Gaara had the strength to shield the entire village with sand, an outstanding feat.

3 Winner: Deidara, v Sneaky Explosives

This battle proved to be an explosive and meaningful begin to Shippuden, with Gaara climb the ranking to Kazekage and also risking his life because that his human being (rather than being shunned and also hated). Gaara was additionally fighting for his life against the ultimate villains, however alas, things took a sour turn.

Deidara was gaining tired, and he only had so many explosives to offer. But he was likewise clever, and also he occupied Gaara v a huge explosive, then snuck some smaller sized explosives previous Gaara"s defenses and collection them off. Gaara was knocked appropriate out, and Deidara and also Sasori hauled him back to their hideout. It was a disastrous day for the Sand Village.

later on in the story, Gaara came to be the commander of the ally shinobi forces, however he to be no document general. Gaara was ready to fight on the front lines, and at some point in the vast conflict, Gaara challenged the knavish Mu, who had actually come earlier to life.

Mu didn"t come alone, either. He had actually the 2nd Mizukage, the 3rd Raikage, and even Gaara"s father Rasa by his side, and Gaara was in for the struggle of his life versus these three previous Kage with nothing yet his sand strength to overview him.

1 Winner: Gaara, For the time Being

regardless of facing 3 powerhouse foes such together these, Gaara held his ground, and he showed new heights of creativity and quick thinking, especially versus the gold-loving second Mizukage.

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Then, Gaara received reinforcements, mainly in the type of Naruto Uzumaki, and also the second Mizukage to be restrained at last. Mu shed this round, however he was shortly able come summon Madara Uchiha himself. Gaara"s and also Naruto"s work is not yet done.