The values we live by room worth much more when we pass them on.

We choose values us hope most people would uncover encouraging and also relevant. Then we carry out an uplifting message based upon each value, in an effort to encourage civilization to lug out the ideal in themselves.

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As a nonpartisan, nonsectarian organization, we carefully architecture our public service messages come have basic universal appeal.

The Foundation"s small staff works v a network of writers, arts directors and production professionals. These people represent a wide range of ideals, philosophies and social backgrounds. Their diversity reinforces the idea the values have the right to serve as usual ground for all.

As a nonprofit organization offering public service announcements, we get the generous assistance of wait time and media room from numerous TV, radio and billboard companies. The foundation does no pay for air time or media space, but rather services from donated media room which enables these messages to it is in seen and heard roughly the world.

The score of The structure for a much better Life is to offer inspirational messages to human being everywhere as a contribution toward cultivating universal values, great role models and also a better life.

The foundation for a far better Life creates public business campaigns to connect the values that make a difference in ours communities. These uplifting messages, using television, movie theaters, billboards, radio and the internet, design the benefits of a life live by positive values. We believe people space basically good but sometimes just need a reminder. We likewise believe the the optimistic values us live by space worth an ext when us pass castle on.

around the happen It On® TV advertisement

The structure for a much better Life has created award-winning public organization television messages, which space designed to uplift viewers with confident values.

Each message incorporates popular music to lug the messages to life. The advertising are currently seen in over 200 countries roughly the world. Lock are additionally currently aired in Spanish and also Portuguese in 20 countries throughout Latin America.

Some that the award-winning artists and also writers who have donated their music come our projects include the black color Eyed Peas, Aretha Franklin, David Foster, Celine Dion, Jon Bon Jovi, mockery Groban, Diane Warren, Amy Grant, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Steppenwolf, Backstreet Boys, candid Sinatra and many others.

We evaluate the generous assistance of The nationwide Music Publishers’ Association and are thankful for our strategy alliance v them. Several of the publishers and record labels that have contributed their music include BMG Chrysalis, EMI, Peermusic, Sony, Universal and Warner/Chappell.

Some of the networks which generously add airtime because that our messages space ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Univision, Telemundo, CNN International, discovery Channel, OTI, ION, Oxygen, OWN, HGTV, SPEED, take trip Channel, BET, Food Network, CW, USA, Sleuth, Bloomberg, national Geographic, Bravo, genuine TV, DIY Network, Sorpresa, Telefutura, PBS, the equipped Forces Network and many various other independent stations. We might not do what we execute without them.

Our advertising are often played in movie theatres on lobby screens and on front of attribute films. We significantly appreciate the generous assistance of Regal Cinemas, Cinemark, Edwards Theatres, joined Artists Theatres, AMC Theatres, nationwide Cinemedia and also Cinema Concepts.

around the pass It On® Billboard project

Billboards are an essential component the the Foundation’s public service effort. These messages, illustrating heroes of our time, room seen throughout America’s highways and on times Square.

Thousands of schools roughly the world also use our motivational materials to connect positive values to youth.

The Outdoor proclaiming Association that America has actually recognized the Pass that On project as “...the most successful public business campaign in the background of out advertising.”

Some of the heroes we’ve featured include Mae Jemison, Kermit the Frog, Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Gretzky, Winston Churchill, mommy Theresa, Nelson Mandela, john Wayne, Shakespeare, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Shrek, Whoopi Goldberg, Mozart, the wright Brothers, jane Goodall and Michelle Kwan, plus plenty of other remarkable individuals.

We appreciate the tremendous assistance of the Outdoor advertising Association because that America and also its members, consisting of Clear Channel, Lamar, CBS Outdoor, JC Decaux north America and also Van Wagner Communications. In 2012, us were additionally able to write-up electronic execution of our billboards in London, many thanks to the assistance of clean Channel UK.

around the pass It On® Radio ad Campaign

The structure produces radio PSAs based on individuals featured in the billboard campaign.

These PSAs are spread to several thousand stations and networks, including CBS, ABC, clean Channel, FOX Radio and Premiere Radio Networks.

Our internet Campaign"s global Features

Our website gives visitors the chance to view TV commercials, billboards, stories and quotes, and also interact through others sharing their comments and an individual experiences relating come values.

We get comments native individuals approximately the people expressing their appreciation because that these an easy reminders the the prestige of values such as Courtesy, Honesty, Sharing, Courage and also Determination.

We encourage you come share your very own story, discover inspirational quotes... And Pass lock On. Each person has a distinctive story come tell—by share yours, we think girlfriend will uncover satisfaction together you watch others attract courage, hope and perspective from your an individual victories.

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Thank you because that visiting our website. Us hope your visit adds to her day, and also we appreciate everything you may be influenced to share.