Differential/Gear Oil instead of Service

How much does a Differential/Gear Oil replacement cost?

On average, the expense for a Ford E-250 Differential/Gear Oil replacement is $122 v $27 because that parts and $95 for labor. Prices might vary relying on your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2003 Ford E-250V6-4.2LService typeDifferential / gear Oil - behind ReplacementEstimate$168.75Shop/Dealer Price$192.19 - $240.01
2004 Ford E-250V8-5.4LService typeDifferential / gear Oil - prior ReplacementEstimate$148.75Shop/Dealer Price$172.21 - $220.04
2012 Ford E-250V8-4.6LService typeDifferential / equipment Oil - former ReplacementEstimate$148.75Shop/Dealer Price$172.21 - $220.04
2014 Ford E-250V8-5.4LService typeDifferential / gear Oil - prior ReplacementEstimate$148.75Shop/Dealer Price$172.19 - $220.00
2014 Ford E-250V8-4.6LService typeDifferential / gear Oil - former ReplacementEstimate$148.75Shop/Dealer Price$172.22 - $220.07
2008 Ford E-250V8-5.4LService typeDifferential / equipment Oil - prior ReplacementEstimate$148.75Shop/Dealer Price$172.21 - $220.04
2008 Ford E-250V8-4.6LService typeDifferential / equipment Oil - former ReplacementEstimate$153.75Shop/Dealer Price$177.07 - $224.80
2008 Ford E-250V8-5.4LService typeDifferential / equipment Oil - rear ReplacementEstimate$153.75Shop/Dealer Price$177.44 - $225.46

What is the Differential/Gear Oil all about?

Differential oil is a kind of oil. Cars have actually a gearbox connecting the two axles. This gearbox is responsible because that the conversion of engine power and its infection to the wheels, allowing them to turn at varying speeds. This part of the automobile is called the differential, and also lubrication is required for it to role properly. Differential fluid, additionally called differential oil, offers the lubrication and cooling the the car’s differential. The liquid is there to defend the gears’ steel surfaces from friction, and also to protect against overheating and also burning.

Keep in mind:

Some vehicles have a front differential and also others have actually a rear differential.Some vehicles use a man-made gear oil.

How it"s done:

Check fluid level.Inspect the rear real estate for leaks.Remove the sheathe (if the differential go not have actually a drain plug).Install brand-new gasket if needed.Fill with brand-new fluid.

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Our recommendation:

Differential oil have to be adjusted every 30,000 come 50,000 miles. You must aim to have actually the gear oil readjusted every 30,000 miles, yet it’s a an excellent idea to have actually a mechanic inspect the differential oil during continuous maintenance services.

What usual symptoms indicate you may need to change the Differential/Gear Oil?

Gear oil is contaminated with metal particles or various other substances.

How crucial is this service?

The differential is responsible for moving the power from the engine come the transmission and the wheels, and also for managing how much power go to each wheel. Choose many elements of your vehicle, the differential calls for oil to act together lubrication. Differential oil permits the differential to move smoothly and also consistently, which permits the vehicle to continue sending strength to the wheels. If the differential oil is old, it may be contaminated through debris and also metal shavings. This pollution will come into consistent contact v the differential, i beg your pardon can reason severe long term damages to the differential.