A serpentine belt is a modern drive belt or fan belt, and also replacing it is a quick service with a expense that varies depending upon your car.

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Ford E-150 Econoline Serpentine Belt replacement

usmam.org supplies upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Ford E-150 Econoline Serpentine Belt replacement is $95. Autumn it off at our shop and also pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our shipment mechanics pertained to you.

What is a Serpentine Belt?

don’t worry, it’s just a name for a auto part. Though I"m sure there have actually been cases of snakes popping out from under the hood.A serpentine belt is a contemporary drive belt or fan belt. It’s responsible for carrying rotational pressure from the engine to different components in the car. Girlfriend think the alternator magically turns on the own? What around the air air conditioning compressor or the strength steering? Nope, nope, and also nope.The serpentine belt takes rotational force generated by the engine, and doles it the end to those systems. And also it does therefore in a pretty an easy manner. The belt is make of rubber, and looks exactly like a belt. The wraps approximately a series of pulleys, one because that each device that that drives. As the belt line (hence the name) around every one of the pulleys, each mechanism is given the rotational pressure it needs.The belt chin is moved by a wheel attached come the crankshaft. So, together the engine works, it turns the crankshaft pulley, which sets the serpentine belt in motion, which turns whatever else.Not every cars have serpentine belts. Some cars have actually multiple drive belts, through each belt only transforming a couple of pulleys. If a car only has actually one journey belt, then it’s a serpentine belt.Unlike timeless drive belts, serpentine belts don’t must be adjusted, since they immediately do so. And they’re more durable, too. Yet they have the right to crack and break, and when castle do, they’ll have to be replaced.

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symptom of a damaged Serpentine Belt

inspect engine light comes on

Look, I recognize the examine engine light seems so insignificant.Well, that isn"t. The examine engine warning light is actually pretty important. If your car’s serpentine belt is failing, then solution will avoid working, your car’s computers will it is in alerted, and the inspect engine light is likely to come on.

Dead battery

this is something ns don’t should tell you: If your automobile won’t revolve on, you can have one issue.The serpentine belt is responsible because that driving the alternator, i m sorry is responsible for charging the battery. If the belt fails, the battery i will not ~ be charged, and eventually, it will run out of juice.Depending on your car, you may see a low battery charge warning light prior to the battery is totally dead. As previously mentioned, pay fist to those warning lights.

loss of strength steering

The serpentine belt also runs the power steering mechanism on some cars. If you driving and turning the steering wheel provides you feel prefer you haven’t fight the gym in a while, you’ve probably lost your power steering.The serpentine belt deserve to also aid power the strength braking mechanism in part cars, therefore if you uncover it tough to brake, that may be a belt problem as well.

Overheating engine

In countless cars, the serpentine belt cd driver the water pump, i m sorry is what it s okay the coolant in action. If the water pump can’t do its job, you may not have actually a cooling system, which way your engine is responsible to operate at means too high that a temperature.Your vehicle has one engine temperature gauge on the dashboard. I understand I sound favor a broken record here, yet listen to the warning on your dash.

Visibly worn belt

If you don"t invest your complimentary time under the hood of her car, no judgement here.But if you do, and you an alert that the serpentine belt is rigid, cracked, or ripped at all, then out through the old and also in through the new.

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exactly how urgent is a Serpentine Belt replacement?

Depends. Perform you desire an engine the overheats, a battery that dies, and a lack of strength steering?

If you said “yes” come that, we’ve got bigger worries on our hands than your car. But if you claimed “no”, climate you understand what to do.


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