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they are all the same...with the exemption of some volvo portal axle that ns think is additionally 6 lug, yet dont quote me on that.

there are two significant groups of 6-lug patterns. The Ford, Toyota, Waggy, Chevy, Nissan, and so on group and also the dodge Dakota/Durango group. I"m no sure about this Volvo pattern, but I"m guessing it"s pretty huge

Bolt spacing is the same, yet the center hole on manufacturing facility Chevy and also FSJ rims is too little to fit over the Toyota hubs.


Ford vs. ChevyI thought that there to be a difference between the ford and chevy spacing!I had actually a Chevy a pair years ago and as soon as I bought brand-new rims because that it, the male I bought them from said, "these are chevy rims, not ford."Thanks because that the info, Goat I had a 1 ton chevy, thus 8 lug, oops. That doesn"t use here an extremely much
I think the just Ford 6 lug is ~ above the 2004 and newer F-150/Expedition. Additionally the brand-new Nissan Frontier, Xterra and also Pathfinder use the smaller Dakota/Durango 6 lug, but I think the brand-new bigger Dakota saw the 5 lug prefer the dodge 1/2 ton trucks. I"m happy I"m not a wheel manufacturer or werehouse this days.
There"s likewise the "big six" group. That"s beforehand Dodge (Power Wagon), IHC, and also possibly other earlier residential 3/4 ton and also up 4x4s. This "six top top huge" is something like 6 on 7.25". I can"t mental the exact measurement turn off hand. IHC adjusted over in "69 or so. Dodge changed around the same time. For the most component that"s simply useless trivia...What IS valuable is that you have to be responsibility of the backspacing ~ above the various 6 on 5.5" sample wheels. Conventional solid axle GM, Jeep, and Toyota 6-luggers are roughly the 3.5" come 4.0" BS range. IFS GM and inport wheels deserve to have 4.5" or more back spacing. These wheels might not job-related with D44/10bolt fronts. Buyer beware...

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And the facility hole is larger and also should fit over the Toy hubs.I have actually 5 OEM 15x7, neutral offset, 6 ~ above 5.5 Isuzu wheels for sale... Just so you understand :flipoff2:________KISSING ADVICE FORUMS
What year/ design of ford truck would I it is in lookin for to obtain a 9 inch with 6bolt pattern comparable to the chevy/toyota.....does this exist? preferably one 51" wms-wms or wider.....Thanks
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