Last minute flight deals indigenous Dubai to Mauritius

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never ever too late to book a trip. This is our pick of the ideal last minute flights.

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Direct flights indigenous Dubai come Mauritius

Non-stop flights right now depart in between September and April.


Dubai come Mauritius: different routes

Compare courses from Dubai to below. Friend may discover an airport to fly into that's cheaper, faster, or simpler than Mauritius.

Dubai come Mauritius: flight information

The things to know before you go.

Cheapest trip found

‎AED 2,326

Average flight time

6 hrs 39 mins

Cheapest month come fly


Most renowned airline


Flights every week



Mon Choisy coast R.



LUX* Belle Mare will & Villas


COVID-19 travel constraints are an altering fast, however we"re here to help you uncover the advice girlfriend need. Check our live page on travel constraints to see if you deserve to travel indigenous Dubai to Mauritius, and if you"ll have to quarantine top top arrival.
The ideal price discovered on because that a trip from Dubai come Mauritius is ‎AED 2,325. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and is the cheapest price because that the entirety month.
Travelers feather to fly from Dubai come Mauritius can make the journey directly with Emirates, the flag carrier of Dubai and the just airline at this time providing straight flights on this route. Every flights to Mauritius will be departing indigenous Dubai global Airport, the key airport offer the emirate.

* This info is correct as of April 2019

Airport info - Arriving

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam global Airport is the main airport in Mauritius, i beg your pardon is located around 50 kilometres from the resources Port Louis. The airplane is comprised of two passenger terminals consisting of a modern terminal complex which opened up up in 2013. When you have arrived at the airport, taxis room readily accessible and there are likewise public bus services from the airplane for budget travelers. There is a small number of restaurants, eateries and also cafés if you an elaborate a meal prior to your flight, if the airport also provides duty-free shopping as well as a couple of retail and also gift stores. Girlfriend will additionally be maybe to benefit from cost-free Wi-Fi accessibility for approximately 30 minutes at a time.

Airport info - Departing

Dubai international Airport is the busiest plane in the UAE consist of of three passenger terminals. If you are traveling v Emirates girlfriend will need to arrive at Terminal 3 which handles every Emirates operations. Terminal 3 is conveniently situated on the Dubai metro network which makes it straightforward to access from the center of Dubai. In ~ this passenger terminal you can find fantastic array of amenities and services to satisfy your needs. Along with many luxury, designer and also duty-free stores, the airport offers a broad an option of restaurants, quick food chains and cafés. Other luxuries provided at the airport include rest area with resting pods, spa treatment centers, complimentary Wi-Fi accessibility and several airport lounges.

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What to mean in Mauritius

You can uncover ratings and good deals for hotels and resorts in Mauritius. In Mauritius the weather is always warm with median highs that 27 to 31 degrees across the year. It rain much an ext often in between December and also April so girlfriend should bring some waterproof apparel with girlfriend if you visit throughout this time. UAE nationals travel to Mauritius will have the ability to get a visa upon come which is precious for up to 90 days. Girlfriend won’t require to alter your clocks once you come in Mauritius as there is no time difference from the UAE, if the money used in the country is the Mauritian rupee. Mauritius likewise features in our guide to the 10 best places in the human being to snorkel.