Do you recognize there space blinking red lamp on the optimal of wind turbines? I’m sure you do. And also those blinking lights have the right to bother some people, specifically when we are supplied to a relatively dark sky at night.

Light pollution comes from the blinking red navigational lights put on peak of the wind turbine towers.

Some people have written emails to NextEra Representative (NextEra owns eastern Durham Wind Project) asking them to consider putting up radar lights that carry out not blink all night long.

Stewart Halliday (NextEra Representative) has reminded us that infrared an innovation has been approved for use by the gov’t and a regional resident has kindly written Avril Fisken (NextEra Representative) requesting the NextEra placed these sort of lights on the generators in ours community.

What that means is the lights would just blink if an aircraft came close to the turbine. Otherwise there would certainly be no blinking lights. This technology is at this time being used because 2011 once this write-up was written, read more here.

A neighborhood resident, Marian has expressed a concern about the loss of ours night sky heritage and also the an unfavorable effects that will have actually on human being health, animal and plant health and the environment.

She asked because that council’s assistance in gaining NextEra to usage the radar lights on the IWT’s (Industrial wind turbines). The local resident likewise asked the they develop policy and bylaws to reduce light pollution. This would impact municipal upgrades to present outdoor lighting and any future developments.

Here room the email addresses that you deserve to use to reach out and be heard around how the blinking red lamp are an extremely disturbing in the landscape night sky’s:Adam Rickel adam.rickel

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nexteraenergy.com,cc: Adam wright Adam.Wright
aecom.com,Derek Dudek Derek.Dudek
nexteraenergy.com,Bev cutting bevcutting

Here is an example of a post sent native a human being in the east Durham Wind strength Plant job Zone.

~ us were existing at the CLC conference last Thursday and also we heard the the red blinky light trouble was “captured” and put in the “parking lot,” yet many of united state were wonder what exactly that means. Are we looking at 2 weeks, 2 month or 2 years to adjust the blinking red lights? This adjust in modern technology would really help people, particularly those who like to appreciate the stars and the night sky.

Blinking red navigational lights add a huge contribution to light pollution. Part folks deserve to see castle blinking everywhere at night from their windows. Others see them steering in or the end of their neighbourhoods. Some like to star stare or use their telescopes. These blinky lights hinder every one of this.

Resident concerns On Red lamp At Night:

A neighborhood resident said me he called the NextEra Hotline and complained the blinking red lights to be disturbing the night time enjoyment the his property. Well, that’s a an excellent idea! If you have the right to see the lights anywhere, even out when driving, and you would prefer to check out them changed, climate let’s all follow Len’s lead and also call the Hotline. This blog post will be forwarded come the ministry of the Environment. Blinking red lights is light pollution.

Here’s the HOTLINE number when again: 1 877- 463-4963. It’s toll free and buzzing 24 hours, 7 job a week. The name of our project is eastern DURHAM WIND.

A neighborhood resident concerned on the red lamp blinking in ~ night for him and also his family quality outside:

To: “Derek.Dudek
NextEraEnergy.com” Derek.Dudek

Hi Derek,Just perfect buying mine dream property and also spending 2 year renovating right here in Priceville. We did fight difficult to stop the damage of our rural landscape. We lost, I gain that. What’s most troubling is ns look throughout my see sitting high up, I view every turbine. The red lamp at night space so haunting. Bit like Chinese torture. I’ll live v the turbines now up but if the red lamp at night continue, ns will offer my property and also surrender. You re welcome install the technology that will turn these lights off.RegardsKevin

Concerned? here are call email addresses come express her concerns around the blinking red navigational lamp from the industrial Wind generators within the east Durham Wind Project: Adam Rickel adam.rickel
nexteraenergy.com,cc: Adam bright Adam.Wright
aecom.com,Derek Dudek Derek.Dudek

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Here is Avril’s solution to Marian:

NextEra has currently purchased the bright systems and also they are currently delivered to the site. However, they are willing to comment on it in ~ the next ar Liaison Committee meeting and also have included it come the agenda. They will certainly use the moment from currently to look into the accessible options so they can have every needed information for the meeting.

Please consider writing Avril or call her and asking for this request to it is in fulfilled. If lots of civilization wrote in or called, there can be a higher chance that they would use this technology.