Ok. So us bought 2 x 4 year old red eared sliders ~ above a great value advertise (they came with tank & set up). Nevermind tank parameters right now - this is just a theoretical question. We desire tank mates castle won"t eat that will assist clean up their insane mess (mostly indigenous food bits they don"t eat, choose the "skin" on cooking corn kernels). My partner did research that said "but tank mates at your very own risk" basically. I"m curious around things choose shrimp, bottom feeders, snail"s etc.

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Any concepts where come look for an ext info? If we decide it"s possible, I"ll begin checking water parameters & we"ll buy an exterior filter.

Probably not, if it have the right to fit in their mouths. Lock pretty lot ate anything ns threw in the water because that bait, while fishing. Safely unhooking them was a pain in the butt. I"m unsure whether they"ll eat snails though.
They most likely would eat snails, mine ate stink bugs whenever they dropped in the tank, voracious and also viciously in a issue of seconds.Tank mates castle wouldn"t eat are various other snails - if you room trying to keep them cleaner, an ext water alters and better filtration (as well as a larger tank so it takes much longer to foul the water as badly). They space messy creatures, mine prospered to 8 and ten inches and also I had them because that 8 years prior to I put them in a turtle pond due to the fact that they weren"t getting the ideal care v me (turtle pond that has only exit turtles in it).
Honestly turtle (especially Red-Eared Sliders) eat everything
they can fit in their mouth (and also if lock can"t lock will control to eat it. I don"t recommend putting an fish in, however if you desire to shot a catfish or big pleco ns would give it a try!
When I remained in 7th grade, I captured a red-eared slider, placed it in among my dads old 250 gallon tanks, which no much longer exists in one item today, and also I placed 2 catfish I caught in Percy monk lake below in TN. I soon found out that the catfish I captured grew end 2.5 feet though.
Thanks team!They refuse come eat their greens - lettuce merely floats until it start to go slimy. So maybe if we disguise a freshwater crayfish under part lettuce, the turtle won"t go near it? Lol!Our setup is to develop an outdoor pond enclosure because that them. We adopted them a year after lock should have actually been moved to a tank double the size they"re in (in our view). We already supplement weekly 50% cleans/changes v a 1-2 bucket clean (vacuum) the the worst mess every various other day. Your previous owner didn"t even have a appropriate basking lamp! Grrr.We experienced an illustration of that show "Tanked" on pet planet randomly wherein an Australian turtle remained in a fish tank (with shrimp!) & assumed "oh, is that even possible?" mine hunch to be No Way, yet had come check.
There space some turtle that have the right to handle life through fish, but red earred sliders space not normally considered for this since they acquire much larger and also are much more willing to eat them (mine wouldn"t eat earth worms, love veggies and also stinkbugs..).
Mine room doing fine v snails and rosy reds. I presented them if the turtles to be eating and I add around 3 dozen fish in ~ a time every month. There is a most hiding places and also plants for them come hide in and that helps save them alive longer. Hope you’re able to get some tank mates!
I have a musk turtle I keep with 6 zebra danios and a pleco. A small group of them makes a great clean increase crew for her. I have actually seen the done v cories, and also even goldfish, angels and gouramis and also male bettas. Therefore it"s girlfriend the owner choice. However assuming you want them as tank mates as opposed to feeders then start with fast moving fish species. Once the sliders get used come those in the tank, have the right to do something larger like livebearers. If castle don"t target them as food then, awesome! I"m considering moving in convicts v my musk. That combination is the most interesting one that"s done often.

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Little so late to the game... However I have actually a 2yo RES, and also his finest friend is a pleco approximately the same age/size. They follow eachother around the tank, and also are usually close to one another. Other tank mates encompass cichlids, tigerbarbs, cory cats, bala sharks, and also mollys. The only time Coffee shows interest in the various other fish..other than his friend...is as soon as I carry in who new.



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