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AST"s Call facility is open Monday v Friday, 8AM come 8PM ET.


Shareholder Services:


(800) 937-5449 or (718) 921-8124

Teletypewriter because that the hear impaired:(866) 703-9077(718) 921-8386


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AST move Agent Services

If you room a Broker or Issuer


Restricted shares Transfers:

(718) 921-8257

Select ‘option 1’ once prompted.

DWAC Department:

(718) 921-8257

Select ‘option 2’ as soon as prompted.


AST Equity plan Solutions

If you have actually an Employee share Purchase arrangement or Stock choices or restricted Stock Awards / Units, click here to login.


Plan Participants:

Employee Stock purchase Plan:

(866) 709-7704

Stock option or minimal Stock Plan:

(866) 665-2258

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Issuer & investors Services

Transfer certified dealer ServicesEquity plan SolutionsCorporate actions ServicesAsset Reunification ServicesCorporate trust Services




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Governance, Proxy & ownership Services

Corporate GovernanceCorporate Proxy ServicesMutual fund Proxy ServicesOwnership IntelligenceInformation Agent


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Class actions & Mission an important ServicesRestructuring Services
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Transfer agent, employee setup administration, trustee and also other solutions requiring trust powers are readily available through American Stock move & trust Company, LLC.

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