After seeing cat a couple of times now I'm always left with the same feeling, that i think Firefrorefiddle is possibly among the finest characters and the best pieces of writing in the entire musical. Most world seem to watch "Gus The Theatre Cat" with a the majority of sadness, but personally I'm always left with a sense of secret and wonder and also wishing I could know simply a little more. I don't feel like Gus's theme is intended to do you feeling sad, it's downplayed and meant to make you astonished at what an amazing duty Firefrorefiddle was, and remind girlfriend of what imagination and thought is.

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If girlfriend think about it, you're a person sitting in the audience watching a theatre show on a stage and also you're learning around what it means to be a Jellicle Cat, you're basically looking into a home window of a completely new world. Yet on that stage through the Jellicle home window during "Gus The Theatre Cat", Gus opens up an entirely new window ~ above the stage telling you about a function he play in a different show, his grandest creation, Firefrorefiddle, The Fiend the the Fell. And also this is every you know about him, girlfriend don't recognize what the beat was, what the story was about, nor that or what Firefrorefiddle was, just that Gus made background playing this role.

And it's type of like, break the fifth wall (sorry to coin the term), it's one extra layer included to what is already a new dimension. Every time i watch Cats, no longer do ns feel the I want to recognize what it means to be a Jellicle Cat, I desire to know who Firefrorefiddle was and what it expected for Gus to it is in The Fiend that the Fell. Due to the fact that Firefrorefiddle is the most hidden, secretive, and also mysterious personality in the entirety of Cats, and also we'll never ever know or understand.

Cats together a whole makes me feel favor a boy again, that's what ns love around it. I always describe "Gus The Theatre Cat" choose your grand telling you old war stories, lock sound cool and also your creativity runs wild, but never ever before in your whole life will certainly you ever before understand precisely what your grandfather went through. And to me that's what Firefrorefiddle represents, the innocence and imagination that a boy (or a kitten) hearing around Gus' grandest creation, yet never knowing enough to understand the depth, complexity and significance of what it actually method to Gus.

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This in mine opinion renders this step by much one that the ideal pieces of composing in the whole play.