These lessons aid Grade 7 students learn how to discover the area the shaded an ar involving polygons and circles.

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Sometimes, you may be required to calculation the area that shaded regions. Usually, we would subtractthe area of a smaller inner form from the area the a larger outer form in order to find the areaof the shaded region. If any of the shapes is a composite shape then us would should subdivide itinto shapes that we have actually area formulas, favor the instances below.

How To uncover The Area the The Shaded Region?

The following diagram gives an example of just how to uncover the area of a shaded region. Scrolldown the web page for much more examples and solutions.


Step 1: discover area of within shape.

Step 2: discover area of external shape.

Step 3: Area of shaded region = area of outer shape – area of inside shape

Example 2: uncover the area the the shaded region:


Solution:Step 1: find area of within square = 2 centimeter × 2 cm = 4 cm2

Step 2: discover area of external shape = (2 centimeter × 3 cm) + (10 cm × 3 cm) = 6 cm2 + 30 cm2 = 36 cm2

Step 3: Area that shaded region = area of outer shape – area of within square = 36 cm2 – 4 cm2 = 32 cm2

Worksheets on Finding areas Of Shaded RegionsInvolving polygons Circles and Polygons 1 Circles and Polygons 2 Circles and Polygons 3

How To find The Area the Shaded region Of A Rectangle Within another Rectangle?

Step 1: uncover the area of the larger shape and also the smaller shape.

Step 2: Subtract the areas.

Step 3: create the units.

how To discover The Area the A Shaded region Of A Circle through An inscribed Triangle? Area and also Circumference Examples

Some examples involving the area that triangles and circles. Also, some examples to find the area the ashaded region.


Find the area and also perimeter that the adhering to triangle.Find the area and also circumference the a circle through radius 8. Find the area and also circumference that a circle with diameter 10.Find the area the the shaded region if the circle has actually diameter 6.Find the area that the shaded an ar if the square has actually side 8. Area For rectangle-shaped Shaded region When The size Are given As variable Expressions

Example: identify a formula for the area that the orange shaded region.

Area for A Shaded an ar Between An inscriptions Circle and A Square

Example: In the figure, a one is inscriptions in a square.a. Find the area the the circle.b. Discover the area the the shaded region.

Area for A Shaded region Between A Square enrolled In A Circle

Example: In the diagram, the square ABCD is inscriptions in circle O with diagonal AC = 8. Uncover the number ofsquare units in the area of the shaded an ar in terms of π.

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Area that A Shaded an ar In A Circle

Use area that sector and also area that segment.

GMAT - find The Area of The Shaded Region

Example: viewed from the outside inward, the figure below depicts a square-circle-square-circle, each enclosedwithin the other. If the area the square ABCD is 2 square units, then which that the following expressesthe area of the darkened corners that square EFGH?

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