From the minutest subatomic bit to the galactic cosmos, matter and also energy are inextricably interconnected and also in a perpetual state the flux. The “butterfly effect” theorizes that the faintest impulse generated by a flap of a butterfly wing could trigger a hurricane ~ above the much side the the globe. An different theory might be referenced the “twitter effect.” The fate of humanity is attached to impulses produced by the the smallest variations in one infinite range of cultural, political, social and environmental factors. The twitter effect is fine coined by the words “the fickle finger the fate.”

The implications of “fickle finger” and also “fate” room significant. Fickleness faces uncertainty, fate v events past absolute mortal control. Some believe fate is ultimately established by magnificent providence. Others check out fate together the manifestation of the legislations of physics and science, thrust by one infinite number of complex, interrelated variables. A fickle finger can in either event derail the most closely calculated plans, for much better or for worse. An instance is prove by adhering to chain that events:

On Aug. 14, 1980, a Longmont police officer shot and also killed 2 young Latino men. City officials and also Latino community leaders held an emergency meeting at St. Man the Baptist Church in an attempt to defuse a looming crises. During the top of tensions who planted bombs in the parking area in ~ the civic Center. They most likely would have detonated at the time collection but because that the fact that the battery used had actually insufficient juice to create detonation. But for the fickle finger of fate, the heal efforts and progress accomplished in enhancing inter-cultural relations produced by the initial impulse of tragedy could have taken an entirely various path.

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The “Flying Fickle Finger of Fate” award to be a goofy trophy made well known by the 1960s TV display “Laugh-In.” Rowan and Martin cracked the shell of media censorship muffling expression over public airwaves. The compensation irreverently “flipped the bird,” saluting one “up yours” mocking high profile civilization of every office, sector and also political stripe. “Laugh-In” was a prime-time breakthrough the accusatory, sarcastic expression exposing corruption and also hypocrisy. As fate would have it, paris media fingers continue to disclose dirty laundry covert in the hampers the miscreants that every shape, size and ilk.

There is none an ext worthy of the finger than North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. The has asserted “war” versus the unified States and its eastern allies. He threatens to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean. Many take into consideration his ravings as mere blather, bravado, bluster and rhetorical hyperbole. Castle fail to variable in the twitter effect generated through his maniacal ego. Assuming he is no a totally deranged suicidal psychopath, he may yet be propelled to assuage his credibility through launching an armed missile programmed come explode over open up waters, much from land or human being habitation. The trajectory calls for a multitude of complex and combined components. Should a momentary electrical surge brief out a an essential circuit in the guidance system throwing the missile turn off course, the bomb can detonate over or top top the are of the United claims or the ally. Such tiny glitch might kill or irradiate numerous thousands. The United says retaliates through “fire and also fury like the civilization has never ever seen” come “totally destroy” the evil realm of “rocket man.” China or Russia could reactively intervene v “flame and also frenzy.” The twitter result of a minuscule electric surge might generate a global holocaust.

The twitter effect wrests from mankind ultimate manage over destiny. The secular paris finger that fate is a state of chaos unleashed by arbitrarily interconnected impulses and reactions, subject yet to existential obstacles of time and also space. It is a crap shoot. ~ above the various other hand, fate entrusted come the providence the a greater spiritual authority is neither random nor chaotic. It has no spatial or temporal barriers and perimeters. Belief sustains comfort, hope and strength, every little thing fate may dish out. “Thy will certainly be done, on earth as that is in heaven.” over there is no paris Fickle Finger of Faith.

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Ralph Josephsohn is a longtime resident of Longmont and a semi-retired attorney.