Fr. Petar Ljubicic has actually been preferred by Mirjana as the priest to reveal the Ten Secrets. Mirjana has stated that Fr. Petar does not have actually the selection whether to disclose the secrets or not. The has embraced this responsibility and must accomplish it. Mirjana has shared the following about Fr. Petar and the secrets:

“Daily apparitions I had actually up till Christmas that 1982. The is once I obtained the tenth secret and ours Lady inquiry me to choose a monk in whom I will certainly tell the secrets. I determined Father Petar Ljubicic. I am mean to tell him ten work in breakthrough what will certainly happen and also where, 7 days we space suppose to spend in prayer and fasting, and also three days ahead of time that is intend to expose it to the world. He doesn’t have actually the ideal to select whether come say or no to say. He embraced this mission and also he has actually to accomplish that follow to god’s Will. But Our Lady always repeats; do not talk about the secrets. You better pray. Because the one who feels ours Lady as a Mother and God as a Father, the person has no are afraid of anything. Our Lady states that only those who have actually not however felt the love the God, they have actually fear. Yet we as people, we always talk about the future – what, when, wherein will points happen. But I constantly repeat the same thing, who among us current here, deserve to say v certainty the we will certainly be lively tomorrow. Therefore, our Lady has been teaching us that we have to be ready at this an extremely moment to come before God. What will be in the future is oh my gosh Will and our job is to be ready for that.” 1

Fr. Petar Ljubicic claimed in 2008:

Q: “Fr. Petar, your future is connected to Have the right to you explain a little bit around that?

Fr. Petar: “Maybe you space talking about one the the visionaries that has actually chosen me to reveal the secrets. Is the what you room asking?

Q: “Correct – yes.

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Fr. Petar: “That is Mirjana – she is a visionary. Us don’t understand when that will certainly take place. She obtained from ours Lady ten secrets. She has additionally received a parchment the is not from this world, but something our Lady offered her and on it room the ten secrets. They room written appropriate there. When the time comes for the secrets to it is in released, quite the an initial secret, ten job before, she will offer me this parchment. I will then have the ability to read the an initial secret and also then, along with her, ns will quick for seven days and also pray. Then i would be able to reveal come the human being what will certainly take place: where, how, and how long. That is prior to every secret.

“The first two tricks are warnings; particularly they are for the people of because Our Lady very first appeared there. Once that bring away place, the an initial two secrets, then it will be clear to everyone that Our Lady to be truly there. The third secret will it is in an indestructible sign that will take ar on the hill of Apparitions, in the location where ours Lady an initial appeared. That authorize will be a great joy for all those that have thought that She is there all along. And also it will certainly be a last call to those who have not converted, and did not hear she messages. However it is no wise to wait for the sign.

“This is a moment of conversion. This is a time for prayer. This is the time for our spirituality cleansing. This is the time to decide to live for God, for Jesus Christ. Therefore, we speak to this time, a time the grace. That is what I deserve to say around the secrets. Because of this we have to take advantage of this time in order come be prepared to fulfill Our Lady through Her secrets. That is my duty come tell people, the they need to not be surprised end anything.

Q: “Fr. Petar, have you thought about how you will release the very first secret? exactly how will that happen?


Father Petar with Mirjana. Dad Petar is the monk Mirjana has actually chosen to reveal the Ten tricks to the world.

Fr. Petar: “I will first tell my closest and also intimate friends. They would certainly be ready and pray. And, of course, through the internet, television, and also radio now-a-days and satellite. I think that that would certainly be the easiest duty. Because that me, that is most crucial that human being would it is in ready. This is the desire of our Lady and also of Her magnificent Son…What you should ask yourself is, “Am i ready?” and also that is what is important. When He will certainly come, will He discover us worthy and ready? We will be referred to as blessed then. If we room not ready right now, we have tiny time to do it. Yet we must not permit that we would be caught by surprise. And then ~ above that offered moment, we would certainly not know what to do…

Q: “What perform you feel around the keys as much as her responsibility? carry out you feel the weight on you?

Fr. Petar: “No, ns am not really having any weight ~ above me as far as the goes. I know that over there is a whole army of people that room praying because that me. I just can’t wait until that will take place. And also my suggest is since of that, many people as feasible will be converted. I am constantly ready for any kind of sacrifice the the Lord would certainly send mine way.

Q: “How soon perform you feeling that will certainly be in her heart? carry out you have any feelings in your heart as soon as you think that an initial secret will come?

Fr. Petar: “I do have a sense and a feeling that this may come very, very soon, yet I yes, really don’t want to speculate or phone call dates about it. You deserve to look at the people today and also you will certainly see exactly how urgent that is for us to convert and turn to God…” 2

On September 4, 1985, Fr. Petar Ljubicic approve the adhering to statement:

Mirjana, that was amongst the first to have actually the apparitions, has told united state that for her the everyday apparitions end at Christmas, 1982. At that time, she was promised the she would have apparitions on she birthday, march 18th. Together she testifies, she has actually in fact due to the fact that then had actually an apparition on her birthday; the is, she has actually seen the Virgin Mary simply as she used to do when she had everyday apparitions.

Mirjana likewise says the for part time currently she has been hearing an inner voice – the exact same voice that she provided to hear throughout her daily apparitions. She claims that ours Lady is speak to her, especially around the secrets. She heard this ‘inner voice’ on first and 15th of June, ~ above 19th and also 27th that July, and on 15th and also 27th the August.

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Some time previously, Mirjana had actually told me that I would certainly be the monk to who she would certainly entrust the secrets; she confidant, that is. After ~ hearing the inside voice on 1st of June, she called me definitely that she would certainly confide the keys to me. She told me the ten days prior to the occurrence of the secret she would offer me a document similar come a parchment. 3 days before the event I to be to do the an enig in question well-known to the public. As soon as the event takes place, ns will provide the paper back come Mirjana and wait for the next secret. I include to this report two messages the Mirjana has actually passed on to me. On march 18, 1985, during her apparition: “They too room my youngsters (this refers to those who are much away indigenous God), and ns grieve because that them, because they execute not recognize what awaits them, if they carry out not turn earlier to God. Mirjana, pray because that them.”

On august 15, 1985, given through the inside voice:

“My angel, pray for the unbelievers. They will tear their hair, brother will certainly plead through brother, and also they will curse their past godless lives, and also repent however it will certainly be as well late. Currently is the moment for conversion. Now is the moment to carry out what I have been calling because that these four years. Pray because that them.”

Mirjana emphasizes that the time is at your disposal when the very first secret will certainly be revealed. The is why she urges vigilance and prayer in the surname of our Lady.” 3

In march 25, 1985, Mirjana had an apparition. Our Lady stated to Mirjana worrying unbelievers:

“They space my children. Ns suffer due to the fact that of them. They perform not understand what awaits them. You must pray an ext for them.”

Our Lady proved Mirjana the an initial secret – the earth was desolate:

“It is the upheaval of a an ar of the world. In the people there space so many sins. What can I do, if you perform not aid me. Mental that i love you. God does not have a difficult heart. Look about you and also see what males do, climate you will no longer say that God has actually a hard heart. Just how many people come to church, come the house of God, through respect, a solid faith, and also love God? an extremely few! right here you have a time that grace and conversion. It is essential to usage it well.”

“Pray really much for Father Petar, come whom i send a distinct Blessing. Ns am a Mother, the is why ns come. You should not fear for i am here.”4

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Day break in Together the sun rises higher in the sky, it shines down upon Apparition Trail, lighting up the trail and making Apparition Mountain an ext and much more visible. Early morning prayer on either Apparition hill or Cross mountain is profoundly beautiful for every those who suffer it.

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