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By Jesse Schedeen
The opening moments of "The guys in the Band" didn't precisely fill me with hope for household Guy's 15th season. The initial cutaway gag, through Willy Wonka making inappropriate overtures to young Charlie Bucket, is specifically the kind of cheap, shock-driven humor this display relies on far too often. Luckily, the gag wasn't indicative the the episode's as whole quality. Commonly lousy cutaway humor aside, "The boys in the Band" turned the end to it is in a quite enjoyable begin to the brand-new season.

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Like so many episodes prior to it, this one hinged heavily on the Stewie/Brian dynamic. The pairing operated in this case because the characterization was a little less excessive than it's tended to be in current seasons. Much less "Stewie do nonstop homosexual passes at Brian" and "Brian gift a pompous know-it-all" and more of the two merely hanging out and also hatching a brand-new scheme together. It definitely helped that this latest scheme affiliated forming a Wiggles-esque band called "Red Shirt, Blue Shirt" and going ~ above tour. Musical numbers are frequently where family members Guy stands the end the most. Among the reasons the Season 14 finale, "Road to India," to be so disappointing was the lack of musical numbers that room usually so prominent in the "Road to..." episodes. "The boys in the Band," whether intentional or not, felt favor an apology for that episode.The songs were a definite highlight this week. Sure, none were all over near the size or scope of the large song and also dance number the display fires turn off from time to time, but they to be catchy, funny, and also full that wholesome, baby-friendly messages choose why Mommy and also Daddy space making those noises in the bedroom and how you have the right to unlock that pesky pistol safe. That's the kind of inappropriate feeling the present does well. No lazy pedophile jokes choose the Willy Wonka gag, yet humor that needs a little an ext effort and flair.

The Stewie/Brian storyline adhered to a pretty usual "rise and fall" arc, with the two finding success, just to be take it apart by mutual jealousy and also then repair fences in the end. However the authors did spice points up a little by pass Stewie's ex-girlfriend Olivia (voiced by Rachael MacFarlane) ago into the fold. The episode developed nicely on her previous illustration in 2006's "Chick Cancer," which finished with Stewie setting fire to their cardboard home and also leaving Olivia come die together with her new boy toy. Naturally, Olivia was in the mood for a tiny revenge, i beg your pardon compelled she to stealing Red Shirt, Blue Shirt appropriate out native under that is two starting members. I perform wish this storyline ended on a contempt bigger note (one to match Stewie's attempted killing of Olivia), but at the very least it allowed for The Sopranos' Tony Sirico to make a quick cameo together Vinny.

If only every task interview was like this.

The chris subplot showed equally entertaining. What better job for a young, ambitious high school student than serving as an individual assistant to Quagmire? This pairing permitted the episode to both memory Quagmire's sex-obsessed lifestyle and also give kris something to perform that didn't merely reiterate how dumb and naive the is. It transforms out the Chris has quite the knack because that arranging Quagmire's complicated schedule and ensuring his many sexual liasons walk smoothly. The gag wherein Quagmire and also Chris treated one together encounter exactly like a visit come the doctor's office was particularly clever. Over there was additionally the hilarious "sex playthings in the dishwasher" scene. Lois' angry phone contact to Quagmire is easily one of my favorite household Guy moments in recent memory.A few other stray observations about tonight:It's constantly odd just how inconsistent the authors are around Stewie's sexuality. Number of times tonight, jokes revolved about the fact that Stewie doesn't actually understand sex and also romance; he's just repeating what he picks up indigenous TV and so forth. However there was additionally the recurring cutaway joke around Stewie's "rock bottom" boyfriend he picked up in ~ the grocery store.Most of the cutaway jokes were pretty lame (the overlong "Chris racing to the airport"gag, the "Frankenstein's monster functioning as a financial institution loan officer" gag, etc.), however I did get a chuckle out of see a teenage Stewie.Funnily enough, Amy Schumer had actually guest roles on both Simpsons and also Family guy tonight. Right here she played the female manufacturing facility worker teasing Stewie about his ambitious dreams.All told, it was an excellent to check out such a heavy premiere for family Guy, particularly after The Simpsons' disappointed return earlier tonight.

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Hopefully this premiere is a of things to come for family Guy"s 15th season. Not all the humor connected tonight (with many of the cutaway jokes gift duds, as per usual), however there were much more hits 보다 misses overall. And also both storylines made great use of their character pairings. In particular, this episode argued that, also after every these years, there"s a lot of untapped potential as soon as it comes to Chris.