“‘Ethics’ comes from the Greek indigenous ‘ethos’ definition ‘character’, ‘nature,’ or ‘disposition’ -roughly, how someone is disposed come act.”<1> -Stephen Ward

The principles of mankind have been to express through number of perspectives. Kant, Aristotle, and also other philosophers have actually illuminated their understanding of just how a human is disposed to act. Ns for one carry out not clear up for any perspective without firstly analyzing the circumstances of the offered situation. Over there is almost always a reason someone decides to act in the manner that they do, and I constantly choose to assess that reason deeply prior to judging the activity undertaken to accomplish a particular end.

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In our case, will certainly McAvoy made decision to interview an assistant because that a Nick Santorum, a man who has chose to run for president, and also a male who has details beliefs on sexual orientation and also race that he chooses to do public. The assistant himself is a homosexual afri American, and Will exploits this aggressively in his interview through the intention of benefits the public and also asserting the truth. McAvoy is no afraid to offend his interviewee, and nearly brings him come tears together a result.

Many debates can it is in made here. There are those that would stand because that McAvoy’s actions and also call the a liberal, but there are likewise those the would speak to his actions disrespectful and also hazardous. I for one perform not condone really opposing or

<1> Ward, Stephen, (n.d.), “Ethics and also the Media”, college Cambridge Press, p. 9

extremely agreeing stand v McAvoy’s interview. Both McAvoy and Nick Santorum’s assistant committed questionable actions, however, i will study one item of the interview, particularly, the end of it. After Sutton Wall, Santorum’s assistant, completed his speech, McAvoy decided to break up the interview through asking wall surface the question, “Does Mr. Santorum think she fit to it is in a teacher?” Where wall surface answers, “No”. The context below is the Santorum walk not give of homosexuals being teachers.

I will start firstly by pointing out McAvoy’s actions and intended consequences. McAvoy is a journalist, and his actions must reflect the code of values that every journalists space presumed to follow.

First, McAvoy insists top top disseminating the fact at any kind of cost. While reporting the truth is the primary goal that journalists, that is not in their code of values to perform so at any cost. McAvoy does not refrain from provoking hateful and also inflammatory speech, that does not have a healthy debate, but an aggressive strike based on an individual opinion that leads come angering his interviewee. McAvoy does not balance the public’s require for information with the potential harm or discomfort caused, and also indeed causes much harm and discomfort. Most considerably however, a journalist need to treat sources, subjects, colleagues and also the public with respect and be compassionate because that those impacted by his actions, which McAvoy does no do.

The truth that McAvoy’s actions perform not reflect a journalist’s could potentially render his entirety attempt come spread fact obsolete. While he defended homosexuals and also African Americans, he might not have been able to to convince those who oppose this defense. One unhealthy dispute such as this may lure anger in an individual who holds one argument, where the individual would more ground this argument, and stand through passion instead of reason. Plenty of who may have seen McAvoy’s interview, who host the opposing argument, might be disgusted by McAvoy’s attacking nature. For this reason, a journalist must pick reason end passion, together that is the most efficient usmam.org. McAvoy failed, picking to passionately force his dispute on wall surface instead of making use of reason.

While McAvoy’s actions might not be justified, his hotheaded nature may have given power come homosexuals and also African Americans, yet may have additionally angered the the contrary force much more than convince it. McAvoy fights together a superhero does, with little regard for the perspective of the “villain”, and also passionately to win him down to satisfy his have to see his own political opinion take hold. A consequentialist might argue that plenty of may no be persuaded by this act, and also will failure to transition their perspective and align it through that the a journalist’s such together McAvoy, make his action unjustified. A non-consequentialist would additionally argue that his means are brutal, and therefore, unjustified.

It is possible to understand why McAvoy may have actually acted this way. Wall was dodging the concerns asked through McAvoy, and also sought come speak that his worth of the sanctity that life instead. McAvoy have to have, however, acted professionally and also calmly uncovered his method to the truth. Ward likewise says, “A range of experience stimulate moral thinking. One suffer is the feel inadequacy the our existing beliefs. Together as once our norms lead to troubling consequences.”<1> McAvoy’s intentions may have been born native this rationale, which additional justifies his passionate approach. However, a reporter must always remain professional, as there is much power in gift one, and must constantly calmly and also logically state his or her opinion, as this is the many effective way of persuasion. Anger room passion are good fuel for purpose and intention, but should loss behind during a controversy or interview, together they become poisonous an ineffective at persuasion.

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