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I don"t choose the sound of this one; the lightning bolt looking point flashed just as ns was letting that idle for a brief minute (related to an additional recent post here regarding "cooling system" ; and I witnessed this light come up - had just changed from lengthy road trip. Have the right to anyone tell me about this light?If its like a faulty "electronic throttle regulate module" I had on a mustang ns had earlier in the work its yes, really scary if the starts acting up.

It is for the electronic throttle. A rapid flash is odd. Usually it will continue to be on if there"s an issue. Check to see if you have any type of codes.

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Maybe simply a gummed increase theottle key or a loose plug?Id clean the accelerator body. I have the 3.3l engine and a native of warning. The throttle body cable harness is basic to break. I had to silicone mine together to keep it plugged.
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