A to walk in the Woods
Season 7, episode 14
Airdate February 15, 2001
Production Number 226264
Written by man Wells
Directed by man Wells
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ER — Season Seven

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A go in the Woods is the fourteenth illustration of the seventh season the ER, and also the one hundred fiftieth illustration overall.

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Starring: Anthony Edwards (Dr. Mark Greene), boy name Wyle (Dr. Man Carter), Laura Innes (Dr. Kerry Weaver), Alex Kingston (Dr. Elizabeth Corday), Paul McCrane (Dr. Robert Romano), Goran Visnjic (Dr. Luka Kovac), Maura Tierney (Nurse Abby Lockhart), Michael Michele (Dr. Cleo Finch), Erik Palladino (Dr. Dave Malucci), Ming-Na (Dr. Jing-Mei Chen)

and Eriq La Salle (Dr. Peter Benton)

Special appearance by: James Cromwell (Bishop Stewart)

Guest Starring: Amy Aquino (Dr. Janet Coburn), troy Evans (Frank), Missy Yager (Nicole Woodman), Laura Cerón (Chuny Marquez), Deezer D. (Malik McGrath), Sonya Eddy (Records Clerk), Megan adheres to (Christy Larkin), Vince give (Jeff Woodman), Tim Haldeman (), Randy Oglesby (), Keith Robinson (William White), Teressa Tunney (Teacher)

Special Guest Star: Elizabeth Mitchell (Dr. Kim Legaspi)

Guest certification (end credits): Lynn A. Henderson (Pamela Olbes)

Co-Starring: Gabby Anderson (Student #13), karl Anderson (Kevin), Bix Barnaba (Philip), Maria Bellantoni (Student #4), Dr. Girlfriend Bizaca (Priest), Andy Brewster (Student #9), Stuart Calof (Student #8), Emy Coligado (Student #6), Shannon Convery (Student #11), i get it Fan (Student #15), Ariel Felix (Kevin), Lyndsey areas (Gail), Rodger Guerrero (Cantor), josh Kimmel (Student #1), heather Lourwood (Student #7), Tracy McCubbin (Nurse), Shannon Nelson (Firth), Wayne Sable (Student #12), James Sie (Student #5), Elaine Tse (Student #10), Marcelo Tubert (Galloway), Ai Wan (Student #2)


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Plot Overview

Luka learns the Bishop Stewart"s health is starting to decline; Chen return to the ER after she maternity leave and she & Carter law a 4-year-old boy v measles that wasn"t vaccinated by his parents; mark is upset at Weaver once he learns the she has ordered that to undergo a competency testimonial in bespeak to continue practicing medicine; Weaver goes the end to dinner through Legaspi and also some of Legaspi"s old friends, but she find it difficult to socialize v them; Benton tries to figure out why a young African-American medical school applicant was denied admission.


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