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I"m no expert, but it appears the 1zzfe engine in your car is well known for oil consumption and also other difficulties if the oil isn"t maintained clean and also thin permitting oil to properly pressurize the chain tensioner and also the variable valve time actuator in addition to lubricating the engine. Therefore, 5w-30 man-made unless oil usage is noticed, then perhaps use 10-30.
I usage Castrol GTX 5w30 and adjust it every 3-4K miles. The engine runs well and the oil doesn"t gain horribly dirty in that time frame.
Brand and type of oil is less vital that actually changing the oil in a timely matter. Every engine is a tiny different, some like to have actually the oil changed more often at shorter intervals, some can handle extended drains.Make sure the oil is the current SM API (label on the party itself) - conventional, artificial blend, synthetic - they room all great oils, just depends ~ above what you are expecting native the oil and how/where you drive the car.Personally, I use synthetics in a 5w-30 weight, running an oversized filter (the one for the 2ZZ-GE engine), and also extended drains. Oil readjust intervals vary in between 5,000-7,500 mile - I supplied either Pennsoil Platinum or Mobil 1 for many of that lifespan. Right now running Valvoline Synpower (third crankcase full - walk a UOA, came earlier looking clean.
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Whatever you use just make sure to keep the oil topped turn off every week. I use pennzoil 5w30 or havoline 5w30 in mine 01 whichever ns can find at the time, and the 51396 wix filter due to the fact that Ive found nothing the filters much better for the price. The oil is adjusted every 5k miles and looks like dark tea once drained i beg your pardon is the cleanest Ive ever seen the so the filter does a great job.
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I use Castrol GTX 5w30 and readjust it every 3-4K miles. The engine runs well and also the oil doesn"t obtain horribly dirty in that time frame.
I use Castrol GTX 5w30 and readjust it every 3-4K miles. The engine runs well and also the oil doesn"t get horribly dirty in the time frame.

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I usage Castrol GTX 5W-30 together well.As much as an oversized oil filter goes, below are the special, I"ve to be able to dig up:The provided PureOne / Purolator oil filter because that the Gen 8 and Gen 9 Corollas is PL14476, and also measures 2.8" in diameter and also 3.1" in length. The PL14477 has actually the exact same threading and also diameter, yet measures 3.6" in length.The Mobil M1-103 is the same length as the PL14476 (shorter 보다 the PL14477). Supposedly the k & n HP-1003 is the exact same thing together the M1103, however I didn"t actually look to check that.(If you"re looking at FRAM component numbers, even though fram is crap based on the dissection picture I"ve seen, PH4967 coincides to the PL14476, and also PH4386 synchronizes to the PL14477.)Anyone else have more information on overlapping / high capacity oil filters for the Corollas?Update: according to
I simply wanted to pass on that a larger oil filter deserve to be used on 88-97 Corollas. The traditional purolator filter is L14476 or PL14476, however the filter supplied in earlier 4a engines (and various other Toyota engines) is larger and also still works, the number is L/PL22821. This architecture is 1.01" taller and 0.46" wider, within the relief valve opens up a pair psi lower. I don"t know what (if any) difference there is in filter area, however it seems to me there must be a noteworthy increase. I"ve been making use of the larger filter for around the last 75,000 miles to no ill effect in a 1993 4afe Corolla with about 250,000 miles on it.