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We have actually been inquiry to correct the error in the sentence:

Either he or ns is right.

The only feasible change that I have the right to think of goes favor this:

Either i or that is right.

Am ns right? It will certainly be valuable if someone can state the rules because that such sentences as I am unable to recognize why the an initial sentence is wrong.



Either he or ns am right is the answer.

The subject-verb covenant rule for either...or and neither... Nor claims that the verb will agree with the topic that is closest to it. Proximity the the topic to the verb is the only thing the matters when it"s a inquiry of either...or or neither ...nor.

Some may argue that also Either i or he(closest subject) is(verb) right is correct, however I think it"s much better to put he before I.(There is a name for this ascendancy that i cannot recollect, it"s called some "donkey" rule.)

Check this the end for much more information: subject-verb agreement


Actually, I think you have actually answered your own question as soon as you asking "Am i right?"

The verb "to be" is is very irregular. Her query is great example the how difficult it deserve to be.

I to be afraid that to be grammatically exactly you room stuck through separating the two topics he and also I and treat them follow to common rules:

"Either the is right or i am" or "Either I"m appropriate or he is"

Here"s a poll for "Either the or me is right."

Back in 1964 in his classic short article Negation in usmam.org, Edward Klima suggest a preeminence to describe contemporary usmam.org: the subjective develops of pronouns are used only because that the unconjoined subjects of explicit finite verbs. In her example, the topic of "is" is conjoined (or "disjoined", if girlfriend like), therefore "I" and "he" room not appropriate. That leaves "me" and "him".

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If instead of descriptive etymological principle, you want to uncover some prescriptive grammar authority to tell you what"s "correct", you"re on her own.


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