I’m therefore excited to sharing this short article from garbage can Rebellion’s first guest blogger, Serisha Iyer ! Serisha and I met in an initial year university and have been friends ever since. Serisha has such a an excellent sense that style and also is a super talented writer so as soon as she readily available to create a guest post for the blog, i was truly honoured.

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Purple hair has seemed come surpass its early stage “trend/seasonal” label and shows no indications of slowing under in regards to popularity. Obtaining a experienced purple hair dye can take up many time and money and its can quickly be done at home. Right here Serisha mirrors you just how to acquire lavender locks all by yourself.

I have what can be considered a not-so-mild situation of obsessive compulsive hair dying. In the past six months i have dyed mine hair roughly half a dozen times, ranging from blue-black to a dip-dye and even ago to something that is about considered ‘natural’. I have actually ombrè dyed mine hair, myself, twice. I have dip-dyed about three times. And also I managed to gain my dark, Indian hair, a an extremely fiery red. So as soon as I happened across purple hair, ns absolutely had to shot it myself.

Now, in all honesty I had actually initially wanted to dye my hair silver. However after much research, i realised that I favored my hair healthy much more than ns would prefer my hair silver. It was while researching DIY silver hair that ns happened across DIY violet hair.

If her hair is light, climate you can pretty lot skip this entire tutorial and go right to the bottom due to the fact that God has actually blessed you v hair that is walking to display colour yes, really easily. If you aren’t so lucky, and also have darker hair, climate bear through me. I desire to first issue a disclaimer, this all depends on the color of your hair. Skip with the post and also match the shade of your hair to the various shades it take it my hair to obtain to purple and also start indigenous there. I have the right to say, that i promise not to make your dark hair brittle and straw-like. It may be a little dry ~ this, but I also have a solution to that. I also promise to gain you dark-haired beauties to purple in simply a week; yet yes, friend will need to be a little bit of a ginger because that a couple of days.

My hair started off an extremely dark, and had color in it. No, i didn’t bother with colour removal since I’ve never used the before and dye appears to take simply fine. Therefore let’s start our journey to violet hair.

Things you will need:

For lightening:

Two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse truly Blonde, crème pre-lightener (two box if her hair is as dark as mine was, only one if you a brown, and also none if she blonde! Also, I’ve just ever discovered this at Dischem)

An old shirt, and an old towel.

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For purple:


Mixing bowl


Gentian Violet

Step 1: as soon as you open up the Garnier Nutrisse truly Blonde, crème pre-lightener, you may be slightly perturbed. I opened the box and then reconsidered whatever for half an hour due to the fact that you are esstentially gaining bleach powder and peroxide developer. Yet I promise that it does not damages your hair, by some happy miracle. I’ve done a dip dye purple, so i sectioned my hair and followed the accuse inside the box (adding both sachets).

I was the perturbed.

I enabled mine to develop for twenty minutes, and also then used a little much more to the tops because that an ombre effect and left it because that a more twenty minutes. I only used half of the bottle for the first application.

After the very first wash and blow dry, the looked choose this.

Step Two: ~ that, I applied the continuing to be dye and left that on for one more forty minutes. If you room dying your hair twice in one day like I did, when washing the dye out carry out not over to wash or condition. Using too much shampoo is going come dry her hair out and also conditioning between dyings is walking to avoid the dye from taking well. Which developed this:

Step Three: You want to let her hair remainder after this. Ideally you must let her hair rest for at the very least a week, yet I to be impatient and waited three days. However after I had actually lightened my hair to this stage, I applied coconut oil to my hair and let the sit because that a couple of hours. I swear through coconut oil to maintain the wellness of my serially dyed hair.

Step Four: when your hair has actually rested or did you do it grown exhausted of waiting, you desire to repeat steps one and also two through the various other box of lightener.

Effectively four rounds that dye later, my hair looked favor this beautiful mess of a colour:


I left my hair for two days since I was sick of dice it, yet once your hair is of equivalent lightness, you’re all set to go violet!

Step Five: just around every blog and YouTube video clip that i watched suggested that you usage a cheap conditioner. I imply using a great quality conditioner since this is going come sit in her hair because that twenty minute so you might also nourish your hair while doing so.

What you desire to execute is pour some conditioner right into a mixing key and add the Gentian Violet. Ns implore you, please use an old/plastic bowl and do no touch the Gentian Violet with your hands, that stains everything. I have learnt this by staining mine hands, my neck, and my restroom sink. Save yourself.

The mixture should be a deep purple, the deeper the purple, the more washes the will require to wash out, the less you need to touch up her colour.

Step Six: as soon as mixed into a deep purple, simply use the mixture to your hair. Be cautious to coat each strand. I don’t particularly coat my strands evenly due to the fact that I like the mixture the purples, ns feel the gives more dimension and also interest come the colour. Leaving this on because that twenty minutes.

Step Seven: as soon as washing her hair, be cautious of splashing the mixture onto the wall surfaces of her shower. It will stain. It need to take a when to run out of the hair. However after this, you should have actually purple hair.

I am totally in love through my violet hair !

NOTE: The purple will wash the end after a couple of washes, however it is super easy to preserve the colour. I’ve obtained a bottle of Gentian Violet blended with conditioner, so every time ns wash my hair; I use it ~ shampooing to maintain the colour. You can likewise apply it to your hair when a week together a conditioning mask if you’ve offered a great quality conditioner in her mixture. I’ve likewise been law this and it’s a good way to preserve your purple while ensuring the your hair continues to be healthy and also moisturized.

This to be my very first tutorial, so ns hope that I’ve aided someone or at least it’s to be a fun read.