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Here"s a sample itinerary for a journey from Atlanta to Charleston. If you"re planning a road trip to Charleston, you deserve to research places to avoid along the way. Traveling v a dog or cat? watch pet-friendly stops between Atlanta and Charleston. Camping along the way? check out RV campgrounds between Atlanta and also Charleston. Uncover the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based upon themost talked about places recommended by members.

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11:00 am begin in Atlantadrive for about 56 minutes

11:56 am Madison (Georgia)stay for around 1 hour and leave at 12:56 pmdrive for about 1 hour

1:57 afternoon Thomsonstay for around 1 hour and leave at 2:57 pmdrive for around 43 minutes

3:40 pm Augustastay overnight and also leave the following day roughly 10:00 amday 1 control ≈ 2.5 hoursfind an ext stops

10:00 am leave from Augustadrive for around 1 hour

11:15 to be Swansea (South Carolina)stay for about 1 hour and also leave in ~ 12:15 pmdrive for around 55 minutes

1:10 afternoon Santee (South Carolina)stay for around 1 hour and also leave in ~ 2:10 pmdrive for around 47 minutes

2:58 afternoon Summervillestay for around 1 hour and also leave in ~ 3:58 pmdrive for about 35 minutes

4:33 pm arrive in Charlestonstay in ~ Vendue Inn

day 2 control ≈ 3.5 hoursfind more stops

Madison (Georgia)ThomsonAugusta (7 answers) questions around Augusta: locations to visit in Augusta because that a nice work out?Swansea (South Carolina)Santee (South Carolina) (2 answers)Summerville (4 answers)

Are friend going right to a hotel, orlooking for a holidays rental or Airbnb?

The best resource on neighborhoods, areas,and many hotels is the page onwhere to stay in Charleston.

If you"re in search of a quick answer, girlfriend can inspect out Vendue Inn, i m sorry was mentioned 8 time on

Here room some much more hotels world talk about:

Need some references on somewhere to obtain food? members indicate Husk, i beg your pardon was discussed 17 times.

Here are some an ext restaurants civilization talk about:

This section can be endless, so rather than do the efforts tosuggest every local activity or attraction, we"ll leave itopen-ended.

These are several of the places people talk around on

Of course, is the perfect location to questioning questionsbecause there"s an entire community that travelers talkingto each other and sharing tips and also advice. is whereyou can acquire answers personalized for her tastes, budgets,trip days & more!

For example, below are some questions civilization have asked about Charleston. Click on any type of question to check out answers native the community!

Christa indigenous Chicago asked:Two day expedition - what space the must sees, eats, and also drinks? (12 answers)

Cindy from asked:Best oceanfront place to continue to be closest to Charleston SC (7 answers)

Rod indigenous Sebastopol asked:Dinner with family in Charleston tonight... (6 answers)

Liz from Denver asked:Afternoon in Charleston (5 answers)

Brett from long Beach asked:Newbie in Charleston, how to invest an Afternoon (5 answers)

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Do i really have to go ago home?

Up come you!

Yes, also this step is optional, since if you"re top top vacationwho desires the pilgrimage to end? It"s okay, you have the right to start plan yournext trip!

Want to arrangement the pilgrimage back? get the reverse directions because that aCharleston come Atlanta drive, or go to the main page to plan a brand-new road trip.

Looking for principles for much more destinations in ~ driving street of Atlanta? shot searching for places within 5 hrs of Atlanta.

You can also compare the take trip time if you"re flying or drivingby calculating the distance from Atlanta come Charleston. Or acquire a complete Atlanta come Charleston trip plan.

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Don"t forget around exploring your own hometown through a staycation.You can likewise find part cool day trips or acquire away because that a weekend.Maybe try typing in a faraway location like London, Hong Kong,or Sydney, and also get motivated for your dream trip roughly the world.

And if you understand Atlanta well, please aid your fellowtravelers and answer their questions about Atlanta!

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without making any kind of stopstotal driving street is 305 milesdriving time of 4 hours, 42 minutes
140 Atlanta travel answers1 Madison (Georgia) travel answer7 Augusta travel answers2 Santee (South Carolina) travel answers4 Summerville take trip answers134 Charleston take trip answers
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