Recently, in dreams, (usually to the finish of my dream…) I uncover that in reality in the dream i can’t open my eyes. And also although i don’t realise i’m dreaming, i’m still thinking “this is weird, why can not I open up my eyes?” it’s prefer my eyelids are really heavy! Then typically still in my dream, I pressure my eyelids open up with my hands yet as soon as I carry out this ns wake up. Hopefully ns going to start and also use this as a RC together it wake up in a the majority of my dreams… but it gets annoying! Why is this?

I additionally have uncovered that once it happens, once I wake up up, ns can’t open up my actual eye either. Sort of choose SP yet just through my eyelids!

While ~ above the topic, i once accomplished lucidity with WILD, yet found that when I was in my dream the exact same thing happened; i couldn’t open up my eyes!!! the was together though my eyelids to be heavy and they just wouldn’t remain open. Could this simply be being conscious of my physical body whilst in a dream so ns still in dream state whilst feeling my physical eyes?

Any help is appreciated!!!

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well… there to be a topic favor this before and also one man or lady, claimed one funny thing… if you can control your dream take your eyelids off!



i would say that you have to stop thinking about that! it happened to friend once and than your “fear” and “obsession” v that make it take place again…

Next time the happens use it together a dream sign, carry out the rc, end up being lucid, smile and also say come yourself: “thanks brain, you cheat me, now ill cheat you”, open your eyes and also have a great time!


good luck

Hellabelle February 22, 2020, 12:36pm #3

Yeah, thanks for the advice! trouble is, ns can’t take it my eyelids off because I’m no in control!

krakatoa February 22, 2020, 12:36pm #4

To me it sounds together the closeup of the door eyelids is simply your interpretation of what happens as soon as the visual component of the dream fades. Wich describes why it’s hard to open up them, due to the fact that there is nothing come see. Doesn’t define why it’s difficult to open them once you wake up though.If you end up being lucid indigenous this probably you deserve to revive the dream, and then friend gotta remember that your dream eyelids aren’t real, and they can be transparent if friend wish. Far better though is to just wait for an setting to show up on that own. If the dream want’s visuals castle will soon appear.


To me that sounds as the close up door eyelids is simply your translate of what happens as soon as the visual part of the dream fades. Wich describes why it’s difficult to open up them, because there is nothing come see…

Yeah that makes a the majority of sense actually, since I usually drift the end if quickly after.

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I heard that acquisition sunglasses off could help. You can take castle down couple of times, until every little thing will be back in normal. Also if over there is nothing to see ideal in the moment, over there propably will certainly be some random dream scene after it.

Is it just the eyelids, or is it the you uncover it difficult to move also?

Because because that me, sometimes when i WILD, I find it tough to physically acquire out of the bed (dream bed, mental you) and do something. It’s like feeling sleep-deprived IWL for 3 job straight. However after ns get exterior of my room, it stops…

Maybe you require to simply start act something and also not worrying about them, however then again, i don’t recognize if your instance is the same as mine…