We deserve to represent ionic compounds by illustration dot and also cross diagrams. In stimulate to carry out this, we first need come know exactly how to draw dot and also cross diagrams of ions, therefore if you have forgotten how to perform that, go back and refresh her memory now.

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To attract a dot and cross diagram of an ionic compound, us simply attract dot and also cross diagrams that the ions involved, in the correct ratio.

For example, to attract a dot and also cross diagram of salt chloride (NaCl), we draw a sodium ion (Na+) beside a chloride ion (Cl-). Because the ratio of sodium to chloride is 1:1, we draw one of every ion:


A dot and cross diagram of sodium chloride.

Notice that us use various symbols for the electron on every ion. In this case, we offered dots because that sodium"s electrons and crosses for chloride"s electron (although we can have done it the other way round).

The only exemption is that one of chloride"s electrons is shown as a dot. This is to represent the fact that a chlorine atom would have to gain one electron to come to be a chloride ion. We could think the the in its entirety diagram as showing the means that salt chloride could kind from atom if each salt atom transferred one electron to a chlorine atom.

As one more example, a dot and also cross diagram for magnesium bromide (MgBr2) is displayed below. This time, there room two bromide ions and also one magnesium ion shown. This to represent the 1:2 ratio of magnesium to bromide ion in the compound. In this example, magnesium"s electron are stood for by dots and also bromide"s electron are represented by crosses.


Dot and also cross diagram of magnesium bromide.

Note that the bromide ions are presented on either next of the magnesium ion quite than next to each other. This is due to the fact that in one ionic compound, each cation is always surrounded by anions and also each anion is always surrounded through cations.


Flashcards aid you memorise info quickly. Copy each inquiry onto its own flashcard and also then compose the prize on the various other side. Testing yourself on these on regular basis will enable you to find out much an ext quickly than simply reading and making notes.

How execute you attract a dot and cross diagram of an ionic compound?

To attract a dot and cross diagram of one ionic compound, draw dot and also cross diagrams of the ion involved, in the correct ratio. Use dots because that one ion"s electrons and also crosses for the other ion"s electrons.

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