Counterfeiting is big business! follow to Forbes, counterfeiting is the largest criminal enterprise in the world. Oftentimes, counterfeiters lure consumers right into purchasing fake goods since the price point out are just too an excellent to happen up. Unbeknownst to them, this buyers carry out real damage to legitimate businesses. Like countless other name brands, fake Disney Dooney & Bourke bags have the right to be discovered in the marketplace. Understanding just how to protect against purchasing counterfeit equipment helps collectors to protect against disappointment.

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White lay out Letter carrier Comparison – Left is Genuine and also Right is Fake

Are Counterfeit products Really that Bad?

The accessibility of counterfeit assets has grown end 10,000% in the last 2 decades. The united States, Italy and France are amongst the countries most negatively impacted by counterfeiting. These countries thrive on developing high-value commodities that are safeguarded by intellectual property rights and trademarks. By 2017, the U.S. Was estimated to be losing up to $600 billion every year. Buyers might see a “good deal” yet not totally understand just how their buying decision have worldwide consequences. China is the major producer and supplier that counterfeit goods worldwide, while the United claims is the largest consumer of fakes. Buyers additionally might uncover themselves through a cheap knockoff that drops apart after ~ a couple of uses. Counterfeit items are made using cheap and also potentially hazardous products that may be harmful come consumers and also the environment.

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Fake Disney Dooney and also Bourke Bags

In today’s market, also fake Disney Dooney and also Bourke bags can be uncovered for sale. Disney Dooney & Bourke fans have to use caution once purchasing bags that seem to it is in priced low since they might be fakes.

Currently, there are several known counterfeit Disney Dooney & Bourke handbags easily accessible on the market. These bags are created illegally in China. Bags in the White Sketch print on coated cotton in two silhouettes: the letter transport crossbody bag and also the small satchel as well as the White Nylon sketch Backpack are instances of counterfeit Disney Dooney and Bourke handbags that we discovered for sale.

Genuine Disney Dooney & Bourke White Sketch little Satchel

Make sure you room buying authentic Disney Dooney & Bourke products by purchasing directly from ShopDisney:

Genuine Disney Dooney & Bourke White lay out Letter carrier / Crossbody

Can you Tell the Difference?

Because the sale of counterfeit equipment is together a large moneymaker, the is getting much more and more difficult to spot the real items native the fakes. Some bags are even produced in the exact same Chinese factories together the authentic goods without permission to perform so.


Fake Disney Dooney & Bourke Crossbody Letter Carrier

Even v side by next comparisons the the actual Disney Dooney & Bourke White Sketch small satchel, that is tough to tell which one is fake and also which one is genuine. Unfortunately, the prints look incredibly similar, but there room a few ways come spot the fakes.


Authentic White Sketch little Satchel

Counterfeiters walk to great lengths to do the copies look as comparable as possible. Deserve to you call the difference between the counterfeit Disney Dooney bag and also the really one? even seasoned collectors have a difficult time spotting a fake bag. Provided that some counterfeit bags space made with the same products in the same manufacturing facility as the yes, really ones, it deserve to be tough to tell a actual from a fake.

How come Spot Differences in between the genuine versus Fake White map out Print

With the assist of our friends indigenous Disney Dooney & Bourke Fans, we would favor to share v you some of the methods you deserve to spot the differences in between authentic and counterfeit White Sketch print bags. The differences are very subtle and also require a close watch to watch them.

On the genuine print, the Walt Disney World and Disneyland banners present three huge green lines and also a fourth small green line over the banner. The copy has only three large green lines and is absent the fourth small one.

Taking a near look in ~ the Cheshire Cat, you deserve to see the his eyes space yellow ~ above the actual bag, yet are white top top the fake counterfeit version.

A third difference is that the one on the within of the orange balloon have to all be white. In the counterfeit version, they are not.

Lastly, on the yes, really print, the yellow lines neighboring Chip & Dale shouldn’t touch the bottom of the Disneyland banner. Top top the fake handbags, they carry out touch the bottom.

Fake White Nylon sketch Backpack

Counterfeiters have taken two various authentic Disney Dooney & Bourke backpacks and combined them to do their very own version that the White Nylon lay out Backpack. The fake backpack is basically the Shanghai Disneyland Backpack silhouette v a counterfeit version of the U.S. Disney Parks Nylon Sketch style printed on it.


Shanghai map out Backpack vs Fake lay out backpack – photograph of fake from Disney Dooney& Bourke, Samantha Thavasa, Lesportsac and more!

A couple of of the remarkable differences in between the U.S. Disney Parks Nylon map out backpack and the fake sketch backpack are that the really version has a rainbow zipper and no next pockets. The fake walk not have actually a rainbow zipper and does have side pockets. One more sign is the the actual version has actually a leather Dooney & Bourke label, while the fake has actually a metal Dooney & Bourke label. The actual bag also does not have actually the animal leather trim piping top top the optimal flap the the fake has.


Nylon lay out Backpack vs Fake map out Backpack – picture of fake native Disney Dooney& Bourke, Samantha Thavasa, Lesportsac and more!

Lastly, the fake version of the bag attributes Q’araq the Shanghai Disneyland crocodile, that would not show up on the actual version.


Fake White sketch Backpack crocodile: photo of fake native Disney Dooney& Bourke, Samantha Thavasa, Lesportsac and also more!

Fake Bambi and Forest girlfriend Bags

Unfortunately, scammers have come to be rampant on Facebook, posting ads for Disney Dooney & Bourke bags that are priced method below retail price. However, the scammers’ methods may differ. Some scammers take your money and also run, while others wind up sending out extremely bad quality duplicates of the Disney Dooney bags that look nothing choose the bag in the advertisement.

Most recently, scammers have placed ads top top Facebook heralding the Bambi and also Forest Friends arsenal at a deep discounted price.

In contrast to some of the other counterfeit purses we have found, these bags are of destructive quality and material. With only a glance, any true Disney Dooney and Bourke collector deserve to tell these are inauthentic knockoffs.

We have uncovered photographs the the fake Bambi satchel and wristlet. The material appears to it is in vinyl fairly than coated cotton. The bag lacks the Dooney and also Bourke metal emblem, and also the cave tag is not embossed as it should be.Additionally, the satchel is shapeless.

Close-ups the the wristlet reveal negative quality stitching that is already fraying, and also again the Dooney and Bourke steel label is absent from the front.


Fake Bambi Wristlet – photograph by Keri P.

The ago of the wristlet is also printed upside-down.


Counterfeit Bambi Wristlet back – picture by Keri P.

Fake Haunted Mansion 2020 Bags

We recently found fake execution of several silhouettes indigenous the Haunted Mansion 2020 collection being offered on ebay. Again, this knockoffs are horribly constructed and additionally do no bear the Dooney & Bourke labelling.

The counterfeit version of the Haunted Mansion 2020 satchel has a metal plate ~ above the front, however it does no bear the Dooney & Bourke label on it.


Fake Haunted Mansion 2020 (back)

The bag watch to it is in made the end of a plastic or vinyl material.


Fake Haunted Mansion 2020 (bottom)

Additionally, you can see the threads separating in the stitching. Any collector would recognize that this bag is a knockoff and also not the actual thing.

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The wristlet wallet native the Haunted Mansion 2020 arsenal has also been counterfeited. This wallet likewise does not bear the metal Dooney and also Bourke bowl on the front.

Where come Buy real Disney Dooney Bags

If you room looking to purchase the White Sketch little Satchel or Letter transport or Bambi Collection, us strongly recommend the you purchase it directly from Disney Parks, ShopDisney, or a trusted personal shopper. Buying these bags from a reseller or 2nd hand is no advised. If counterfeit Disney Dooney & Bourkes can sell for $40-$50, the real thing retails between $178 and $198. If it is too good to be true, it probably is!