Twisted TeaScore: 7/10Since my idea to start an amateur drink testimonial blog came as soon as I opened up a bottle of Twisted Tea, I made decision that it would just make feeling to do Twisted Tea my an initial drink review. I know numerous of girlfriend may claim that Twisted Tea is no necessarily a beer. This is partly true based upon what would commonly be thought about a beer, other than that mine blog will additionally include party beverages and variant malt beverages. Twisted Tea is simply one of those variants because it is undoubtedly a malt beverage and is nothing much more than tea flavored beer.

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Twisted Tea has been brewed and also shipped by the Twisted Tea brewing agency in Cincinnati, OH, and Breinigsville, PA due to the fact that 2001. The idea behind Twisted Tea, is that hard tea need to taste as with regular update iced tea. Return the idea is endearing, most drinkers will certainly tell you the no matter how close a "hard" drink is come the original, over there is constantly a small variation. Twisted Tea is no exception.On a add to note, Twisted Tea go taste as close as one could hope to achieve to constant iced tea while the is tho cold and also refreshing. The initial taste is that of new brewed iced tea with possibly a little hint that lemon. It"s sweet, however not sweet prefer southern tea. All in all, a freshly opened Twisted Tea meets all the needs of a hard equivalent to a much milder be safe drink. It would certainly be fairly refreshing at a summer party, a coast trip, or simply something special to aid to unwind if you desire something a little sweeter on your tongue but still want the average alcohol content (5%). Twisted Tea also has the added bonus of being obtainable in a selection of flavors such as : Original, half & half, raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, light, peach, sunlight tea style, new mango, and their seasonal orange citrus. The only thing wrong v the multitude of flavors is finding them since I have yet to check out anything various other than original. (This is no to say they cannot be discovered somewhere). Twisted Tea is also an excellent for those who might not like consistent beer favor girls or men with no balls.The price of Twisted Tea seems to differ from about $7-$8.50. This is no really that negative considering most beers that space not high manufacturing piss water can cost several dollars more. The dark side to Twisted Tea come if girlfriend fail come drink the while it is still in that is cold deceptive phase. If you try to drink a Twisted Tea while warm you will certainly be greeted with a bitter bitch slap of lying juice ideal out the a bottle of lies. Twisted Tea that is not cooled come perfection tastes almost exactly like continual tea that someone tried come sweeten with one too numerous packets of sweet and also low. Any kid who fell for the sweet and low packet difficulty knows the horror of man-made sweetener overload. The bitter harsh taste the fills her mouth is practically enough to placed someone turn off Twisted Tea because that good. I however, uncovered that if girlfriend re-refrigerate the bottle it can be redeemed to its previous glory. (Yes it to be so bad I had to try re-cooling it simply to end up it.) This is why Twisted Tea received a 7/10.

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If you desire a great quick easy to finish drink, then Twisted Tea is for you (as lengthy as it continues to be cold. Because that THE LOVE of GOD store IT COLD! SERIOUSLY, IT"S AWFUL!).